7 August 2015

Five Things Friday

Hello lovelies!

How's your week been? My holiday's been absolute bliss so far - the perfect balance of socialising, lie-ins, creativity, reading, and Nutella - and I've still got three whole days of adventure to go!

Since waking up at TWO AYE EM this morning, I've decided to make the most of being conscious at Stupid O'clock and share a few things that've made my week extra special before heading off to The Big Smoke. I've also done a lot of eBay trawling for "pretty power tools"... Seriously- why hasn't anyone designed a polkadot hammer drill yet?! HUGE market gap there....

1. Glowasaurus 
Like the majority of people who grew up in the early nineties, my childhood bedroom ceiling was enhanced with an entirely fictitious constellation of glow in the dark stars. I'd already decided that I'll be painting the inside of my new wardrobe dark blue, and adding some kind of celestial decorations. Then I found these:

My expectations have been officially surpassed. Bravo, whoever invented these. Bravo. Also - they were also only 75p for 24! Which I'm sure you'll all agree, is totally amazeballs. 

2. Dress Code: Astro-tastic 
The space-tacular background in the photo above is the pillowcase from a duvet set my (now most favourite) friend spotted in a charity shop last weekend and practically ran to show me (her loveliness really does know no bounds). In a matter of milliseconds I went from devastated (it was only a single duvet; far too small for my bed) to ecstatic, when I realised duvet covers are basically just huge pieces of fabric - and this one was in the most epic print I've ever seen. For THREE ENGLISH POUNDS. 

Cue my first ever attempt at sewing a dress from scratch, sans-pattern. I'm pretty bloody pleased with it, even if I do say so myself. And I've even worn it outside already without it falling apart and exposing my wobbly bits too - hurrah! 

I even added pockets which, as every girl knows, are the ultimate silver lining of all good dresses. Ironically, I didn't add a lining.

Apologies - I've just realised it looks a bit like I'm flashing you my dress's lady-parts. Or perhaps my mind just gets extra filthy when it's tired. Anyway... There's still enough fabric left over to make at least 3 cushions too; which means I'll be camouflaged on my future sofa, like the World's Comfiest Ninja.

2. On Point Homewares
Earlier this week I actually WOOPED when I discovered that Primark's latest homeware collection is essentially "Hipster Chic". I've been lusting after a light-up arrow for years, but every one I've found until now has cost £60+. This one was a tenner. And I got to use it to show off my New Hair.

Despite evidence to the contrary, I swear my right eye has an iris too. It's quite similar to the other one.

The best part of this photo was that a random woman saw me taking it, despite the fact I'd basically buried myself in a hedge. I felt no shame*. 

3. Assault coursing
I spent Wednesday afternoon at a Kids' Fun Day in Brighton. With a friend and her 5 year old, I hasten to add. Not on my own like some kind of Duplo-loving weirdo... Said small child absolutely thrashed me at the assault course (that kid is a beanbag throwing CHAMPION) but I was still given a bracelet thingy as a consolation prize. 

I actually snort-laughed when I put this on. I'm surprised my wrist didn't go into shock for being touched by something sports-related. 

4. Finding interiors inspiration
In two brilliant books I browsed through in Waterstones. 

And an even more fantastic throw-back I found in a charity shop, entitled "Kevin McCloud's Decorating Book". Just check out the intro page!! *swoon*

5. Getting crafty
I've had multiple opportunities to get creative this week, which has felt like food for my soul (only marginally less pretentious, as it was all done in crayons). I've also eaten a lot of awesome food; but that's for my thighs, not my soul. 

One project has to stay super-secret for now, because it's related to this weekend's plans, but I can share this Lego card I made for a friend's little brother. Because making Lego cards is what all the cool kids are doing with their Friday nights nowadays, don'tchaknow...

Right - I'm off to the Zoo. I have a sneaking suspicion I may fall asleep in front of the monkey enclosure... 

Katie xxx

*OK, I felt medium shame.


  1. I have serious duvet envy!!!!! That dress is bloody amazeballs!!! Please wear it or link this post up next time I do TARDIS Tuesday as it is a) blue and b) it's space themed (maybe September before the next one). Also have arrow envy!!! you are a clever girl! I made a ladybird skirt this week aaand(whispers) also bought dinosaur fabric). your letter has been a useful template for making 45 musical envelopes at camp for a fete!x

  2. I have a pack of those glowing dinos too! Mine are still in the box though (bought a year ago!) until I think of somewhere to put them one day! That dress is absolutely amazing - I love it!

  3. Has anyone ever told you, you look just like Hilary Duff? Except you have better dresses than her. You are a dress making GENIUS! You did that without a pattern or is my O level French failing me here? I think I may have a matching pillowcase in that print. If I can find it you can make yourself a matching bag or lampshade or hat! Xxx

  4. That dress and fabric is amazing! Great job. And I love the light-up arrow!