9 June 2014

Recently I've been...

The second and third instalments of the Birthright Trilogy by Gabrielle Zevin, about a chocolate mafia princess, and experiencing the bittersweet feeling of reaching a good story's end (no doubt as bittersweet as the fictional Balanchine Special Dark chocolate). I can highly recommend these books - just make sure you book a few days out of your diary to devour them, and have some chocolate to hand.

So. Much. Sugar. 

Cake, ice-cream, cookies, more cake, extra ice-cream, and oh-go-on-then-I'll-just-have-one-more-(handful) of Millionaire's shortbread bites.

Beautiful cake display at the Etsy Craft Party
This cake was unbelievably delicious. Kudos to the anonymous Brighton-based baker!
Saturday's treat (to the power of 10) was from Boho Gelato. When my friend Holly and I realised that we could get a 0.5l tub for less money than two tiny paper cups with two scoops each, we basically had to do it; it was essentially free ice-cream. And it was DELICIOUS. 

(L-R) Sachertorte, Mango, Chocolate with Orange, Cinnamon and Fig, and Salted Caramel Peanut Butter

I also made my own version of Michelle's incredible recipe, by substituting normal milk for coconut rice milk. It. Was. Heaven.

Although Michelle is right - it doesn't exactly photograph well!
Consequently, Sunday involved a lot of this:

And some of this:

... Crafting
A decorative flag at the Etsy Craft Party. It was fun trying to get everything on the check-list into one design. The raspberry ripple is made of ribbon, and the waffle-cone check is strips of photograph. I was really struggling with how to include an animal, so it's a good thing I ate that cupcake with a bird topper, really...

... Admiring
A fun and unusual sculpture at the We Made This event at Friends' Meeting House, and some adorable miniature terrariums.

An incredible dino-tool box hybrid in TK Maxx. Sadly, I did not buy him, because I was busy being a grown up and spending all my money on Sophisticated Work Dresses. Which I'll undoubtedly end up accessorising with plastic jewellery that most five year olds would find tacky.

The sun-soaked sights during a long walk along the seafront on Sunday afternoon (which burnt off at least four tiny plastic scoops of gelato...). Hove seafront was so happy and peaceful, I felt like I was on holiday.

I'm linking up to the lovely Hannah's The Week That Was: Captured. I'm so thankful for my new phone camera for letting me start documenting my life again. Even if my life is essentially just a dessert menu.

What have you been up to recently?

Katie xxx


  1. Oooh ice cream!!!!! Tell me more about this Etsy party- what and why?? X

    1. Apparently it's international Etsy party day - they're hosted all over the world by successful Etsy sellers. They also had ice-cream at the Etsy party. Ahem. xxx

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. The ice cream sounds delicious. We had a quiet weekend but I took lots of photos. I had planned to draft a post but then I heard the news about Rik Mayall and I've just felt so gutted and been sidetracked by that all evening. I like the idea of 'the week that was captured' - sounds very me!

    1. You should definitely join in with it- Hannah is such a good hostess! The ice-cream was SO GOOD. It's so sad about Rik Mayall- I might have a Young Ones marathon this weekend xxx

  3. Oooh to the sculpture - I scrolled back up several times to see what the dickens it was! Rather liked it.
    And yes yes yes to fried things with Nutella, so glad you could make a version for you. It's not pretty but it's also never around long enough to matter eh?
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Absolutely - I was basically doing the world a favour by eating it all, so other people didn't have to look at it any more! I can have regular milk, but I thought the coconutty milk would add extra awesomeness (it totally did).
      The sculpture was very strange- it looked like a real-life recreation of a child's drawing of a tower block of flats. I liked it. xxx

  4. Great pics! All the food looks so lush! :)

    1. It was :) Although my hips have started protesting about fitting into my clothes... oops! xxx

  5. The treats at the Etsy Craft Party look absolutely amazing! What a great display. And those terrariums are super adorable!

  6. SO much cake!!! I'm so jealous!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx