13 June 2014

Guest post - Wishing for Chanel

Hey m'dears

I've published a guest post today for Ria at Wishing for Chanel, whilst she's on holiday in NYC.

Ria said I could write about anything I wanted. So I wrote about tree houses. Obviously.

Katie xxx


  1. That airstream caravan find is very cool! It only takes me 20 minutes to get to Bristol so I think it'd take a bit of persuading to convince Andrew to have a holiday that close to home :-) Have you seen Kitty Askew's vintage holiday park in Cornwall - Spring Park? (http://www.quirky-holidays-cornwall.co.uk/) She's got a place full of vintage shepherd's huts, showman's caravans and little cottages! :-) xxx

    1. That holiday park looks amazing! So sweet :) It's a shame you won't get to stay in the airstream; I've had similar moments of sadness before when I've stumbled upon amazing places to stay in which are only 15 minutes down the road- it's hard to justify the expense! I guess that's the probbly with both living somewhere where so many people like to go on holiday :) xxx

  2. That's my favourite book too!! My copy is almost nearly falling apart, but I could part with it for any amount of money. Whenever I feel a bit small and sad, I read that story and everything is magically OK again!