16 April 2014

Spot the difference

Today's entertainment is brought to you courtesy of Essentials Magazine and Ideal Home magazine. When reading the recipe section in the May issue of Ideal Home, I got a rather vivid sense of déjà vu. The brunch recipes looked delicious, but rather familiar... 

I don't tend to keep magazine recipes very often, but (rather serendipitously) a collection of tasty breakfast ideas caught my eye in Essentials Magazine about two years ago, and I subsequently stuck the pages on the fridge for some lazy Sunday morning inspiration. 

So, shall we play spot the difference? 


Katie xxx

P.S. The Boston Beans are delicious, by the way.


  1. Very odd indeed! Well spotted. I'm craving a bloody mary now...xxx

  2. I've seen some cross stitching magazines do this - doesn't surprise me (sadly!).

  3. What a good spot and tut tut to them! Having said that, I'd still happily rustle up any of those recipes! Hope you're well lovely (:

  4. I've spotted 99% identical letters in two different TV magazines as well! :-) xxx

  5. That's pretty ridiculous...