26 August 2013

Top Tips for Marriage - Guest Post

Hello lovelies!

I'm guest-posting today over at Musings from the Pigeon's Nest, offering newly-brided Bex (aka Shiny Pigeon) my top tips for a long and happy marriage full of awesomeness and void of Sock Nests in front of the sofa. 

If Katie and Tom had listened to me, they'd totally still be together...
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You can read my list of handy hints here, and if you haven't visited Bex's blog before I would heartily advise having a good ol' snoop around- because that girl makes me giggle A LOT. 

Katie xxx


  1. I found your blog through Musings from...this morning, and I've been trawling your archives ever since. In a non-stalkery way, obvs. Anyhoo just wanted to say I love your blog and look forward to reading more posts :)