13 June 2013

And so it begins...

Hello lovelies

Sorry there hasn't been much going on around here recently. Aside from all the spam-bots, who are LOVING my post about woodlice...(Don't look, Emma-Kate!) I've got so many things to update you on but seem to be struggling to find the words. Perhaps I've finally used up my life's word quota, and will have to spend the rest of my days communicating via an Etch A Sketch? 

Last week was very quiet at home, because Tom was off being all business-like in Boston (the U.S one)! Not that he's the noisy one in our relationship; it's just that I didn't have anyone to talk rubbish at! I'm glad to say I no longer feel scared when Tom goes away on business; mostly because I re-watch Home Alone just before he leaves to refresh my burglar-battling skills, and also because our house is guarded by killer robots

I spent most of my solo week eating cheese and watching Catchphrase. Thinking about it, that's probably why all my words have gone; having spent 2 hours a day yelling "NO, YOU IDIOT! IT'S A CHICKEN!". And crying with envy over some of the spot-prizes the contestants used to win back in the 90s... "A complete set of Celine Dion videos and compact discs!!" "Oh... er... wow."

My second favourite thing from this week has to be discovering a new kind of cheesecake. Which just shows how good my favourite thing was; because it has beaten cheesecake. The main reason this cheesecake is my new (second) favourite thing (aside from the fact it is a chocolate and caramel cheesecake - duh!) is because of the name. 

That's right. CRAZYMAZE cheesecake. 

Ok; this is weird. It's not on the Tesco website but I swear this cheesecake exists. Unless they made two slices just for me?! 

Anyway, beating the (apparently made-up) cheesecake by a narrower-than-my-cheesecake-filled-waist margin was discovering a whole host of new interiors/craft blogs, via this incredible home tours event thingy from The Shabby Creek Cottage. There is honestly NOTHING I love more than before/after room makeover pictures combined with go-on-have-a-snoop home tour photos. NOTHING. Ok, maybe Tom. And my Mum. But that's IT. And this tour had about 30 different bloggers taking part; none of which I'd heard of before so everything was new and oh-so-shiny exciting. 

And then, when I thought I was all home-toured out (pff! As if! That's totally not a thing) the awesome Anna included a brilliant tour of her very own place as part of her "Other People's Homes" themed blogging month. Another excuse to be nosey? What could be better! 

Which has all got me thinking that it's about bloomin' time that I started eating even more cheesecake shared a tour of my home with you lot. My house is my pride and joy. Ok, maybe not pride as in "I spend lots of time cleaning it and looking after everything properly" but it is cosy and colourful and it's my favourite place to be. Because it's got Tom in it. And cheesecake. 

I'm gearing up for it, I promise; just biding my time for a sunny day to take some good photos. In the meantime, in true Katie style, I thought to myself "what's the best thing to do when I'm about to start sharing photos of our home?". Make a HUGE mess by decorating the kitchen, that's what. 

This hideous wallpaper is no more!

I ran home (well, not ran; I don't do that) after work today and started stripping the hideous yellowy-orangey-peachy wallpaper that's been in the kitchen since we moved in; clambering all over the kitchen counters like a makeover-mad monkey. I kind of remembered halfway through stripping the wallpaper just how much I hate decorating... but there's no backing out now! Oops! 

What have you been loving this week? 



  1. Aww laughed out loud at this post! Can't WAIT to see your house pictures. I'm going to share some good ones too soon (when I get round to taking some...). In the mean time I'm going to follow your links and look at everyone elses swanky houses to get me inspired =D xx

    1. I can't wait to share it! I'm planning to do one room at a time; partly because otherwise it'll be a 100-photo post, but mostly because I don't want to have to clean my whole house in one go :p haha Looking forward to seeing your new place! xxx

  2. Every time my other half goes away I lie awake all night convinced that baddies are breaking into the garage. Why they might want 30 odd tins of used paint is beyond comprehension. Your home alone tip has given me an idea. I shall booby trap the garage! And try to remember I've done it...
    Happy stripping! xx

    1. Haha I will keep everything crossed there are no early-morning black eyes in your house from forgotten about paint tins! :) xx

  3. Yay I love snooping round houses on a blog post! That cheesecake sounds pretty good. we went to Prezzo's on Thursday and G had honeycomb smash cheesecake (or something like that). I am on a diet so I had peppermint tea. Then had an epic fail and ate half (OK a whole) box of lindor balls.

    Anyway....happy decorating!

    C x

  4. Ooh thank for the mention lovely. I am just getting all caught up on bloggy stuff. Things seemed to get away from me a bit there. But I'm, here now. Yay!!

    I LOVE that yellow wallpaper, shame you painted over it :p