11 May 2013

Ode to Seuss

Today I went shopping
Care to see what I bought? 
Yes, shopping I said- 
I bought more than I ought!

It started with a sale,
Filled with book upon book.
Each priced 50 pence
I just had to look!

Green eggs and ham,
Red fish and blue,
A cat in a hat, and
A Roald Dahl book too!

I snaffled them up,
And giggled with glee
(I don't have any children
These books are for me!)

My shopping continued,
An ongoing spree,
When I spotted these tights
For the costs of pounds three(!)

They were quality seconds
At three pounds, from twenty, 
I just couldn't resist! 

In our local mall
(Clothes mostly for hipsters
Size XXX small)

But in the boy's section
I found this fab tee
I don't care if it's boy's wear
I'll wear it on me!


  1. Very clever and well written. Love the T-shirt :-)

    1. Thank you very much :) I wanted to write about the old fisherman printed on the t-shirt (a total bargan at £9.99!) but my brain wouldn't cooperate in thinking of something to rhyme with "Captain Birdseye" :p xx

  2. This made me smile. Haven't read a poem in ages! Excellent choice of books and I like the tshirt lots :)

    1. I couldn't resist the books or the t-shirt; I'm a sucker for childhood nostalgia and pirate ship prints!

  3. "I found old Captain Birdseye
    and was thinking to myself "oh my-
    I shall take you home with me
    and wear you when I drink my tea"

    1. Haha thanks Miriam! Next time I write a poem I'm going to ask you to collaborate with me :) xx

  4. I collected Dr Suess books when I visited the states and eventually had a child who adores them. She adores language full stop and I like to think Dr Suess played a part in that. The hardbacks are lovely and harder to find over here. xx

    1. I figure sooner or later we'll have small people in the house that I can read these to. We're due to become first time aunt and uncle later this year, and I've already offered to babysit for a weekend so they can have some time to themselves. I'm sure a 2 month old baby will appreciate the genius of One Fish Two Fish... :) I found it quite hard to read aloud though- some of the rhymes are practically tongue twisters! xx

  5. Great finds! And I love The Witches! It was one of my favourites growing up!

    1. I loved it too- although the first part about children disappearing into paintings absolutely terrified me! To be honest, I don't feel that much happier about it now :p xx

  6. I wish I could write
    Great poems like you
    but I can't so I'll just write something nice instead like how lovely those books are.

  7. Your poem, dear Katie
    Is full of such wit,
    I love those tights muchly
    Send to me if they don't fit?!

    Ahrghr, too many syllables!!!x

  8. Genius. Love your bargain finds. x