12 March 2013

Three Things Tuesday

Hey Sweetcheeks, how's tricks? 

Here are three things currently topping my List of Awesome: 

1. This incredible Game of Thrones cake 
Made by my super talented friend Jenny for her boyfriend's recent birthday. Can you believe she did this in four hours?! I think the candle in the dragon's mouth is a particular touch of genius. 

2. This photo of a Dad at a Justin Beiber concert. 

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3. Fixing my hair
Fourth time lucky on the dye front, so I was able to go hatless at work today. Hurrah! I'm not that fussed about the results to be honest, but anything's better than radioactive custard!

Katie xxx


  1. HAHAHAH that photo is amazingg! As is that cake! Dare I say, I didnt see anything wrong with your hair in the previous post?! xx

  2. OH my GOD the cake! I mustn't let my husband see this, he'll get ideas.

  3. Your blog always makes me smile so I've nominated you for a liebster award http://thedustyatticblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/my-first-award-eeep.html
    Anna x

  4. That cake is INCREDIBLE!!!