10 January 2013

Myth Busters: The Crazy Pigeon Lady

Hold on to your socks guys. It's time for me to post some myth-busting, mind-blowing truth. Are you ready? 

Spotting an old lady feeding pigeons this morning got me thinking about the other pigeon ladies in my life. Technically, my grandma Pam (the most legendary Nan ever, by the way) is a pigeon lady as she helps my Granddad breed his racing pigeons. But I'm talking about famous pigeon ladies. Namely, the one from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (one of my all-time favourite Christmas films, don't you know?) and the one from Mary Poppins. Aka, as I have just realised, ONE AND THE SAME CRAZY PIGEON LADY. 

Seriously; think about it. When I picture the crazy pigeon lady from either movie, she looks like this:

Home Alone 2's Crazy Pigeon Lady

I mean, does anyone even remember what the pigeon lady in Mary Poppins looks like? Didn't think so. She was clearly just the Home Alone Pigeon Lady with a cockney accent. She's probably not even an actress. Just some innocent, bird-loving loon they persuaded to throw bird seed over Joe Pesci and sing about tuppences. 

Mary Poppins Pigeon Lady.  True story.

IMDB says the roles were played by two different actresses, but Hollywood could easily have paid someone to perpetuate that lie. I mean, they must have an infinite budget for keeping façades alive, or they wouldn't have made four Twilight films in their attempt to convince the world that Robert Pattinson can act! I rest my case, Your Honour. 

Katie xxx

P.S. I've warned Tom that if he comes home to find a single pigeon feather lying on the floor in our empty house, Hollywood has kidnapped me for exposing its pigeony secret. Watch this space... 


  1. You totally exposed their secret!!!

  2. Just make sure Hollywood returns you for Sunday please we have a prior engagement hehe xxxx

  3. Thanks for the giggles Katie!