24 December 2012

Advent Treasure Hunt - Weeks 3 & 4

That's it... The Advent Treasure Hunt is over. I can't believe Tom's managed to figure out all twenty four clues (and eat the majority of his presents!). You can see the clues and presents from Week 1 here and Week 2 here. But on the plus side, that means tomorrow is CHRISTMAS. 

Day 15

Clue - "Watch out for giant spiders"

Present - Lindt sea salt chocolate. I actually don't like this flavour, so Tom had a chance of getting stuck in first!

Day 16

Clue - "This gift is actually practical, and he has a wonderful bedside manner"

Present - Dinosaur rubber from Paperchase (I gave Tom the Iguanodon)

Day 17

Clue - "The future filling of many hootiful sandwiches"

Present - Bacon chilli jam. I had a feeling this was going to be a firm favourite, and as the jar is already nearly empty I'm assuming I was right :p I might have to buy Tom a whole crate of this for his birthday. 

Day 18

Clue - "Present 18 will hopefully be the source of many future tasty platefuls of dinner"

Present - Weird and wonderful Asian pickle-mustard thing. I have no idea what it is because I can't read the packaging! But Tom loves being a bit of a mad scientist in the kitchen, so he doesn't mind! :)

Day 19

Clue - "You'll be able to find present 19 hidden behind a blackout screen"

Present - Naga Napalm Onion Relish. Tom loves regular onion marmalade, and I tried making my own last year with relative success, but adding chilli to it has to be a winner! 

Day 20

Clue - "The site of yesterday's distress, I have a sinking feeling you won't find today's hiding place hard to guess!"

Present - Another unknown Asian chilli sauce thing. 

Day 21

Clue - "In the larder"

Present - Dumpling Sauce (Hot) (obviously). I've asked my little bro to get us a bamboo steamer kit for Christmas. Mostly because I want to try Jamie's Coconut Buns. Yum. 

Wei Chuan Dumpling Sauce Hot 6.5oz

Day 22

Clue - "A nice easy clue for present 22- find it quick so it doesn't start tasting like shoe!"

Present - Liberty Ale from the Anchor Brewing Company.

Day 23

Clue - "Second to last present- number 23; hidden where I first realised you were the one for me"

Present - Sussex beer mustard

Day 24

Clue - "I've run out of hiding places for present 24. So it's hidden very cunningly in the middle of the floor"

Present - Prickly Oil. Because it sounded hilarious and like something Eeyore would eat.

I certainly had a lot of fun putting this together for Tom; buying the presents, writing the clues, and watching him trying to figure them out. He seemed really happy with it too; although I have a feeling he thought I did this more for me than him, as every day I'd yell "DO YOUR ADVENT CALENDAR" as soon as he got in from work :p 

Roll on next Advent. I'm going to aim for more cryptic clues, and a wider range of presents (although Tom does really love his condiments!) Or maybe just 24 jars of Bacon Chilli Jam...

Katie xxx

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