15 December 2012

Advent Treasure Hunt - Week 2

Two weeks into December, and a brand new set of Advent Calendar Treasure Hunt clues for Tom to solve... He did pretty well with Week 1, and I was excited to mix up this week's gifts a little bit more. Again, if you fancy having a guess in the comments section as to where I might've hidden any of these goodies, I will be awarding virtual mulled wine for correct answers. 

Day 8

Clue - "Present 8 often comes in a crate (although you've only got one- so don't get your hopes up)"

Present - A bottle of Anchor Porter, chosen purely because I loved the label. Thankfully it also tasted nice, apparently. 

Day 9

Clue - "I've mapped the location of present number 9, but you'll find it smartster; I know you'll be fine!"

Present - Champagne and Tarragon mustard. Our lovely local pub has jars of this to eat with their super-tasty Sunday roasts, and we've been trying to hunt down a stockist for ages to get some for Tom to have at home. I eventually found some in our local Waitrose. Hurrah!

Day 10

Clue - "Present number 10 has been squirrelled away- an emergency snack for a rainy day"

Present - Pleasure & Pain Venomous Naga Nuts from Scorchio

Day 11

Clue - "Present 11 is on the stairway to heaven (well, it leads to our new bathroom- which is pretty close!)"

Present - Another bottle chosen for it's label, this time Anchor Steam Beer

Day 12

Clue - "I wonder how quickly you'll clock present 12?"

Present - Lindt Caramel with a touch of Sea Salt chocolate bar. I've promised Tom this will be one of the few times he actually gets to eat "his" chocolate. Watch this space...

Day 13

Clue - "Present 13 is going to set fire to your mouth"

Present - this chilli sauce (in case you hadn't guessed, Tom loves chilli sauce more than he loves, well, anything that is not chilli sauce)

Day 14

Clue - "Present 14 is going to kick yo' ass to the moon!"

Present - Ass Kickin' Ketchup from Scorchio. Since discovering this, Tom has put it on everything from fry-ups to cheese on toast. 

Katie xxx


  1. Nope, I am so totally thick that I can't even guess where you've hidden them!!!
    SO you saw the vlog- on a scale of 1-10, how much of a muppet am I?! (Also realised I never posted the answers video- shame I can't do it now, it's too long for my flickr account to host!

    1. I LOVED the video! You can totally tell you're a teacher (in a good way- I love a girl who's organised) I managed to get the first three straight away, but number 4 (I think) was too hard for me so I gave up. Such a quitter! :p