13 November 2012

Three Things Tuesday

Evening m'dears 

Hope your week is going well so far! Here are three things I've discovered recently that have made me smile:

1. Maggie Thatcher basically invented Mr Whippy icecream! That is definitely my new weird fact (thanks, Heston!), replacing "Did you know tigers have striped skin as well as striped fur?". Although I still like that one because it means someone was brave enough to shave a tiger! Haha

2. Whittards sell EIGHTEEN different flavours of hot chocolate. EIGHTEEN. *cough* stocking filler *cough*

[image source]

3. I wore my new jumper to work today and got a lot of compliments about brightening up a horrible wintery day. And it's super cosy :)

Pictured here with my lovely hello DODO tote bag
Have you discovered anything new this week which made you smile?

Katie xxx


  1. wow very nice! your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. Your jumper is such a great colour! And lemon meringue white hot chocolate?!?! *drool*

    1. Thank you :) It certainly brightens up miserable wintery mornings! I have a suspicion that my other half might have bought me some of the 18 hot chocolate flavours for Christmas... YUM.