12 August 2012

Current loves

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're all having wonderful weekends! 

Today, I thought I'd share a few of my current loves; because nothing beats the Sunday blues like a list of beautiful things :)

1. Illustrated dinner plates

Beautiful, witty, tableware involving sharks - what's not to love?! The only problem with these plates is I'd have constant indigestion due to eating my dinner as quickly as possible to look at the pretty pictures!

2. Pinterest
Since installing the "Pin It" button on my bookmarks bar, I've been pinning craft tutorials and pictures of kitchens like there's no tomorrow. 

3. Double Caramel Magnums
Until today, I didn't know these existed. I can understand why no-one wanted to tell me before- as I have now made it my life's mission to eat them all. Hardly my fault- they are so damn delicious!

4. Car Boot Bargains
Today, Fran and I spent three very enjoyable hours hunting down bargains and eating Mr Whippy ice-creams at our local car boot sale. I was very successful at haggling and picked up a dress, three tops, two books, two metal aeroplanes (part of a current craft project) and a light-up globe for £4.75! Score!

5. Solving our record storage problem
Tom and I eventually settled on the storage solution for our (very much individual) record collections; vintage-style fruit crates. The globe in the photo is my £1 car boot bargain from this morning :)

6. Being an Independant Woman aka building flatpack furniture
I spent yesterday morning putting together a flat-packed vanity unit for our bathroom. I was tempted to ring Beyonce (or 'Bey' as I call her cos we're, like, totes besties) and tell her how much of a Strong, Independant Woman I was being; then realised I was putting the furniture together using tools I had stolen from Tom's toolbox, because I don't have any tools.... Oh well, one step at a time. 

7. Photographing pretty things
Butterflies, buildings and boyfriends :)

Titchfield Abbey
"Look! A thing!"
8. Lusting after circus-themed goodies

9. Big, fancy glass jars
I have a romantic idea of my kitchen counter being covered with huge jars filled with homemade cookies. In reality, the jars would be full of cookie crumbs, and my belly would be full of cookies...

10. Devouring free e-zines
If you haven't discovered these two yet, I can't recommend them enough. They contain links to beautiful, well chosen pieces from the U.K and the U.S respectively, photographs of stunning interiors and gorgeous fashion shoots. 

An example of the beautiful layouts of Number 91 magazine
What are you really into at the moment? Have you got any favourite e-zines you would recommend? Or do you know of any ice-creams EVEN BETTER than double caramel magnums?!


  1. There are so many things I love about this post... Your photos are gorgeous, I love the record storage idea, and I'm so in love with my 'Pin it' button as well.

    I have no idea if they're available where you are but I've been addicted to the President's Choice Decadent Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches!

    xo Jen

    1. Thanks Jen :) I think my photography is definitely improving; they say "practice makes perfect", and as I take about 200 photos whenever I go on a day out, I'm getting plenty of practice! :)

      Tom was very happy with the storage choice- don't think there's anything more manly than freshly-sawn wooden boxes!

      No luck on the Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, unfortunately- I'll just have to add them onto my list of Reasons To Go To Canada :)


  2. Goodness me this is a dangerous post! Sounds like you had an eventful bootin'! What is your pinterest under? If i looked properly i could prob find it on here im guessing! I have a jar like the second one down and it is mostly filled with crumbs! I got it from a charity shop so you should have a look in them! xxxx

    1. I think I've linked to it in the list- "craft tutorial" should be a hyperlink :) I'm so hopeless at tracking people down on Pinterest- I have to wait for them to find me first :p

      Ooh good idea- I'll definitely have to go snooping round some charity shops! Do you have a favourite cookie recipe to fill your jar?


  3. Great things! And I agree on the ice cream:) Did you ever try the double chocolate ones too?


    1. No I didn't! I'm clearly not paying proper attention to Magnum product development :)

      I love the photographs on your blog- so many beautiful things!

      Also, I have no idea what the cursor-following fish are there for at the bottom of your blog, but I just spent far too long making them swim about in formation :p

      Katie xx

  4. The plates are very cool. Definitely must check out those e-zines

  5. Nice post of nice stuff. NICE! Speaking of nice, during my post power-ballad-Alice-a-thon hangover on Sunday (also referred to as 'yesterday'), I had one of these-


    It was an experience. A NICE experience.

    Laters yo xx

    1. Chokablock ice-cream is my new love. Russ's lovely girlfriend Emma recommended it to me and I haven't looked back since (or looked up from the tub from which I am continuously shovelling it into my face). xx

  6. OK, now I NEED a shark plate and an elephant ring. Definitely.

    1. You definitely do! Nothing says "fine dining" like a shark yelling BITE ME! :p xx