18 December 2011

Wonderful Weekend and Artists Galore

This weekend has been the perfect combination of spontaneous, planned, social and cosy. Saturday was spent drinking tea and shopping in Lewes with Fran and our Toms (who are besties. Like we are besties. It's all a bit sickeningly perfect). Saturday night was our Friends' Christmas Meal at Indian Summer which involved excellent company, delicious food, and a lot of laughter. My favourite part of the meal was an iced Mulled Wine palate-cleanser served in a tiny jam jar. Super cute and utterly delicious. I think I'm going to drink all my mulled wine in Slush-Puppie form from now on. 

Mulled Wine Slush Puppies a-go-go

We then went on a mini pub-crawl through the Laines of Brighton, witnessed a fight that was rather too close for comfort (I was 2ft from the 'action', and heard my first real-life "thwack" of a man's fist smashing into another man's face... Merry Christmas, everyone...), and stayed out til the small hours talking about silicone bakeware, Lego, and dental dams. We ended the evening promising to meet up more often, and feeling slightly more educated in obscure prophylactics than we had been beforehand.

Today was a much-needed day of rest- a morning of shopping in the Lewes Christmas food market for vegetable soup supplies- a winter warmer if ever there was one! - and an afternoon of movies, re-runs of Nigella Kitchen (featuring two of my favourite things- voluptuous excess and sumptuously suggestive alliteration) and mouthfuls of Lindt chocolate. Good times. 

Busty, beautiful AND bakes? Heaven.

Today I discovered a new artist through Achicha; Tom Frost creates wonderful screen-prints of indigenous woodland critters and amphibians adorning old-fashioned stamps. Just look at the awesome: 

I have also discovered the sculpting talents of the most excellent Bellino Alain thanks to Regretsy - whose work includes fantastic filigree skulls and this amazing Darth Vader helmet made from up-cycled metal household objects. 

And, finally, this little gem:

The Pavoni Oven Glove- for those days when your hands become cloven hooves.

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