30 December 2011

A rather belated Christmas Time post...

Like several of my crafty friends, this Christmas I tried to make at least some of the presents I gave to family and friends. I was also commissioned by my friend Charlie to make some cross-stitch pictures for her brother and her husband- a very flattering request and one that I had a lot of fun completing. Additionally, I made Julie (my lovely mother-in-law) a knitting needle roll, inspired by those I'd seen Fran make from Made by Loulabelle's excellent tutorial. It was so easy to follow the step-by-step guidance, and I was really proud of the finished case- Julie didn't even realise it was hand-made at first! :)

I've been itching to share my finished work with you all for a while but didn't want to post pre-Christmas pics for fear of ruining the surprise. But now the festive season is drawing to a close, and even the rubbish Quality Streets have been scoffed, I can post without fear. So here goes:

Charlie's Commissions

Charlie's commission #1- her hubby Paul meets Batman
Charlie's brother Alex meets Batman too
The happy recipients :)
Charlie put her excellent patchwork skills to use turning the cross-stitched words into cushion covers:

She ordered her very own 
House cross-stitch too. Doesn't he look Christmassy?  

A beautifully painted thumbs up from my first proper customer! :)

Julie's Knitting Needle Roll

Quince Jelly

The Quince Jelly I made earlier this year got a fancy-pants wrapping paper overhaul to become a present for Julie and for Tom's grandparents. 

And, finally, an update on the cross-stitch I made for Des; he and Pam absolutely loved it and they've hung it in their bathroom :) 

If you are interested in commissioning any cross-stitches of your own, please contact me in the comments form below or via Twitter. And if you've got any pictures of your own crafty Christmas gifts please do share them :)

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