15 November 2011

Several awesome things have happened so far today. I found a copy of Country Living on the bus (basically saving £3.80), I've been working on my House cross-stitch all crafternoon, and I've had another crafty commission. Admittedly it's from my Work Mum, who has to love everything I make because that's what Mums do, but it's nice that people want to own some of the things that I make (and who don't mind if they're covered in biscuit crumbs... crafting makes me hungry!) 

My Work Mum asked me to make her a button anklet after spotting the button friendship bracelet I was wearing (my Mum and I recently made each other matching ones because we're like eight-year-old BFFs).  

I explained "it's only buttons on a string", but she genuinely wanted me to make her one. As I seem to have surrounded myself with creative and crafty people, who can knock up an award-winning jam or beautiful cushion within minutes, I sometimes forget there are people out there who don't have a button fetish. Anyhow, that made, I've been free to continue working on my latest cross-stitch project.

I wish I could take credit for this design, but unfortunately that goes to the brilliant Steotch, who create hilarious modern samplers. I originally spotted it on Regretsy, and fell in love on first sight (who doesn't want a cross-stitch of Hugh Laurie's face? NO-ONE), but Steotch only made the one, and Regretsy Lady had bought it. I used my trusty graph paper to work out the design, and off I went. 

I'm currently having a bit of trouble with the colour blending to make his skin look right, but hopefully when it's finished it'll look real enough for people to understand the joke and wet themselves laughing. That's all I ask. 


  1. It's looking awesome lady!x

  2. Hi! Your friend fran recommended your blog to me :) I can totally see where you are coming from with this post! I lost a stone and a half for my wedding, and have managed to keep it off for 6 months - I cut down on wine, in fact barely drink any now, and also stopped having so many dinners out and indian takeaways. Other than that I tend to eat what I want. I don't do any exercise though. I live in Lewes (well just outside in Ringmer) by the way as well! So many nice places to eat in Lewes