11 November 2011

Playing Card Treasure Hunt

Yesterday I discovered a brilliant game that I suspect may become my new fave, as it is essentially a treasure hunt. It's meant to be an outdoor game, but I can't think of any reasons not to play this inside if rain threatens to stop the fun. 

To play this awesome game you need a pack of playing cards you don't mind getting covered in dirt/blancmange/whatever you hide them in.

Before the fun begins, hide two different coloured suits of cards around the house/garden/park/country (depending on how long you want the fun to last).

Deal out the remaining cards to your players, who then have to find their corresponding cards (matching colour and number e.g 2 of hearts = 2 of diamonds) as quickly as they can. The winner is the person or team who finds all their cards first.

Have any of you played this before, or do you know of any other treasure hunt games that are even better? 

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