27 April 2013

Photo an Hour 2

Hello lovelies

Have you had a nice day?

I'm glad to report I'm finally on the mend (hurrah!), and decided to take a photo (or seven) an hour today to celebrate the fact my day didn't solely consist of "blow nose", "blow nose", "complain about blowing nose" etc. 

7.30: Getting dressed. 
I decided to break out my new Paperchase Badges and my Easter Cardigan, despite the fact it definitely wasn't warm enough today for a thin cardigan today. Should've worn my cable knit

Admittedly, the badges sort of gave the impression that my right boob was really angry, but I'm OK with that.

8.30: Breakfast. 
It's not very often I have toast for breakfast (in my topsy-turvy life bread is a treat but cheesecake is a necessity), but this morning I had two slices of awesome oaty wholegrainy toast- one with lemon curd and one with an awesome peach & raspberry jam courtesy of Tom's Mum. And some orange juice, because Vitamin C is currently my bff. 

9.30: Vintage/Craft Fair.
My Mum and I walked along to the Town Hall for a good nose around the vintage/craft fair thingy going on there today. There were so many hilarious magazines and advertisements going back as far as the 1940s and still in mint condition; I couldn't resist capturing a few with my blurry phone camera.  

Because the men of 1956 loved nothing more than a woman doing magic tricks

You hear that other books about cats? You should be written like this. 

I have officially fallen in love with this font. 
I snapped up this gorgeous vintage stationery box (without the stationery in it) for 1 English Pound; it's the perfect place to keep my extensive collection of chalkboard pens. 

I might have also bought a few bits and pieces for my 30,000 views giveaway; but y'all will have to wait and see about those. 

10.30: Second hand shopping
We spotted a gorgeous pop-up shop directly opposite the Town Hall, mostly selling second hand children's clothes, and went inside for a good rummage. Every time my Mum and I go charity shopping she's able to spot anything from Monsoon a mile off. I, on the other hand, am always magnetically drawn to last season's H&M. I picked up a really sweet t-shirt dress I have yet to try on; but it looks big enough to fit a roast dinner belly, which is my main consideration when purchasing new clothes. 

11.30: Being Supportive
I introduced my Mum to Anchor & Apron, a relatively new shop in the Needlemakers in Lewes, owned by my crafty friend Jayne. Being the caring and supportive person that I am, I selflessly purchased a gorgeous pink and blue herringbone-patterned blanket by Tweedmill to assist Jayne in her business venture. It's also got tassles on it, and was marked down in their sale- triple win. 

Image from Anchor & Apron's Facebook page
Look how inviting it is! (Image from Anchor & Apron's Facebook page)

12.30: Coffee Break
And the perfect opportunity to break out my cow milk jug.

1.30: Lunch
Not too shabby for a bunch of leftovers, even if I do say so myself. 

Baked sweet potatoes with fried onion, peppers and mushrooms, feta cheese, rocket, and balsamic vinegar.

2.30: Crafty time
I got stuck into some cross-stitch, whilst my Mum covered shoe boxes in wrapping paper and ribbons (no prizes for guessing where my love of cutting and sticking comes from!)

3.30: Pottering
Drooling over the gorgeous bits and pieces Mum's handed over to me from her own craft stash. My parents are in the process of "downsizing"; which essentially means every visit is accompanied by several carrier bags full of stuff for me. Yippee!

Stunning wooden cotton reels and a beautiful button tin

And covering my new chair with my even newer blanket. I might actually hold off on the upholstery for a while after all. 

4.30: More cross-stitch
Whilst watching my first ever episode of The Voice on iplayer. Will.I.Am really is one special little guy isn't he? I certainly won't be watching another one. 

5.30: Rain
The weather took a sudden turn for the worse which resulted in Tom and I legging it to the washing line to try and rescue our newly-dried washing before it got hit by the grapefruit sized dollops of rain. There are few things that make me giggle more than frantically gathering the washing in when it's raining- I feel like I'm on a (really rubbish) game show. 

6.30: Cake Break
A cup of hot elderflower cordial in my excellent anchor mug from Alice, and a hefty wedge of lemon drizzle and blueberry cake to keep me going until dinner time. 

I plan to spend my evening making a medley of leftover chinese food resemble some sort of stirfry, and watching Shameless. How about you? 

Katie xxx

P.S. My first Photo an Hour post from November 2012


  1. The cow milk-jug is the best thing of all time, and the octopus plate looks gorgeous. Glad you're starting to feel better! - Tasha x

    1. Thank you for the well wishes- I'm slowly on the mend :) I sell similar octopus plates in my Etsy shop if you feel your life needs a bit of cephlapod crockery! x

  2. It's great you're feeling better <3 I'm so loving that blanket you purchased. It looks so comfy!

    1. It's stunning isn't it! Often when buying something I'll deliberate for a few minutes, weighing up whether or not I really need it. But as soon as I saw that blanket I took it straight to the till!

  3. OOooh, I like seeing your day! It seemed action-packed!!! Your house looks very nice! The shop sounds lovely too! And I know EXACTLY what you mean about the washing! frantic washing grabbing is usually accompanied by manic laughter!x

    1. It was certainly more action packed than my Sunday, which involved a lot of pottering. I swapped over some of the pictures on my mantelpiece, and somehow managed to make that take three hours!! xxx

  4. I really miss Lewes sometimes but haven't got the strength to visit again just yet. Maybe in a couple of years I will be able to come back properly without being scared.

    I love all of the bits and pieces that you have collected, some lovely things!

    1. :( Understandable. You can always seek refuge at my house (we have cake) :) xxx

  5. Phew, you're a busy woman! Good to see how you spend your day and how well you eat! xxx

    1. Haha Vix you've no idea! My diet compromises of fruit and vegetables (til I've hit 6 or 7 in my day) then nothing but cheese, chocolate and cake :) xxx

  6. Hi
    I'm new to your blog but have really enjoyed what I've seen of it - that toothbrush holder is just brilliant, and the added soap dish too! I like the idea of a photo an hour, I might try it one day.


    1. Hi Louise!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment :) I can highly recommend photo an hour posts- I find doing them encourages me to do more with my day than just eat cereal in front of New Girl; no-one wants to see 12 photos of that! :)

      Katie xx

  7. This is such a lovely post idea! What an interesting new way of blogging your day.

    That anchor and apron shop looks like a little slice of paradise.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you're okay, take care! Xx

    1. Thank you very much. Anchor and Apron is delightful- I can heartily recommend a visit if you're ever in Sussex. Or they have an etsy shop too https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AnchorAndApron?ref=seller_info
      Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment- I'm off to have a look round yours!
      Hope you're having a lovely week xxx

  8. Wow, the Anchor and Apron shop is lovely! And that beautiful box for 1 pound? Very good! I hope you are feeling well by now, it's sunny, at least here near in the Midlands :) I love vintage things, your blog is so cute! Very nice pictures and ideas!

    1. Thank you Denise- that's very sweet of you! Thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment too- it's really brightened my day :) I'm off to have a peep at your blog! xxx

  9. That shop looks awesome - I am totes jealous! Glad you are feeling better :) xx

    1. They actually have an etsy shop too - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AnchorAndApron?ref=seller_info

      So you can admire things from the comfort of your own home :p xxx

  10. Where is Cow milk jug from? I must have one :-D

    1. It's from House of Fraser. They don't do this exact one any more, but there's a near-identical one in the sale at the moment for £5: