28 October 2012

Weekend round-up

Evenin' all

Have you had a nice weekend?

Mine has been mother-fudging brilliant, involving;

  • An evening of crafting in front of the TV
  • Halloween costume shopping for our dinner party on Wednesday
  • Fancy cocktails with some of my favourite girls
  • A sleepover at my bestie's (and being cooked pancakes for breakfast- lucky me!)
  • Tea and a natter with my grandparents
  • Cake, Christmas shopping and pumpkin carving/crayoning with some of my other favourite girls
Crayon coated pumpkins, pancakes, White Russian, and my Nan (who's a total legend, by the way)

And a final, fabulous end to the weekend involving chocolate mug cakes on the sofa with my lovely boyfriend and Spiderman (on the TV, not the sofa), which was a catalyst for inspiring this design: 

I whipped this up on paint, and I didn't draw the Spidey bit, but hope you get the general idea... :)

What did you get up to?

Katie xxx


  1. White Russians - good idea! Lol'd a bit at spiderman.

    Been out for {noisy] lunch with 20 mates and 7 kids, pub for bit, inlaws for a roast, squidged my gorgeous nephew and am abandoning kids for a hotel tomorrow. So pretty good weekend.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Especially fond of roasts and squidging adorable children :)

  2. Ooooh, tell me more about the crayoning!

    1. We melted crayons over a candle and dropped/scribbled the wax round the top of the pumpkin. You can actually melt crayons in a pan on the stove and pour them over too; but use an old saucepan as you won't be able to eat out of it again. x

  3. I LOVE VALENTINO! I always make the same mistake though, start drinking at 5pm, believe that everyone should have a drink per hand at all points... get hyper... bed by 8pm.