1 November 2012

The Ghosts at the Feast


Hope you all had a suitably spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween is (werewolf)hands down my favourite holiday. It involves sweets, face-paint, sweets and the opportunity for many, many puns- what's not to love?! So I decided that this year we'd host a fancy(dress)-pants Halloween Dinner Party.

I trawled the internet for exciting gruesome food ideas and pictures of creepy/adorable costumes (just look at this one!) and we eventually decided on a suitable sickening menu;

Appetisers; Eyeballs, Tongues and Used Plasters

Main; Cat Beef Pie, mashed intestines and baked brains

Pudding; excavate-your-own zombie biscuits and chocolate orange cupcakes (because they're scarily delicious). 

I added a competitive element by getting everyone to decorate their own zombie biscuit for a prize. There were some outstanding entries, although some perhaps a little too gruesome- even for Halloween (I'm looking at you Mr SkullsandPonies)

Mexican wrestler biscuit punching a zombie in the face. As you do. 

Tom and I took ages to choose our costumes, because his beard gave us very limited options. After deliberating between Chuck Noland and Wilson, or Jay and Silent Bob, we eventually settled on Tim the Enchanter and the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python's Holy Grail. 

And everyone else came dressed to impress too :)

Although my all-time favourite costumes were from Halloween four years ago;

L-R Amy Winehouse, Mrs Grinch, Evil Robot, Portrait of Dorian Gray, Chucky and Zombie Captain Birdseye.
If you fancy seeing more photos, Fran's put some up on her blog too :) Did you dress up this Halloween?

Katie xxx

P.S Another totally amazing thing happened yesterday too; I won(!) the HelloDODO first birthday giveaway! I couldn't believe it- and I'm so excited! :) And will of course share pics of my prize with you lovely lot. 


  1. Great pics lady and thanks again for hosting such an awesome night!

  2. What fun! You all look great in your costumes!

  3. Aah, it was your party, just seen pics on Fran's blog! I only got around to doing my nails this year but the kids dressed up.

    We ate witches fingers on a bed of maggots with giant bogies for dinner (lamb kebabs with rice and peas)

  4. Congrats on winning the giveaway! And your party sounds like it was a lot of fun! The menu was perfect.