23 October 2012

Three Things Tuesday

Hello m'dears :)

Can you believe it's only Tuesday? Me neither... *sigh*

Looking on the bright side, here's a few things that have made me do a happy dance so far this week:

1. My local council has finally started collecting cardboard with the recycling. I got rather over-excited about this (might have said something to Tom along the lines of "Now we don't need to get married- this is always going to be the best day of my life!") but I am genuinely pleased we no longer have to drive to the tip to recycle; it kind of defeated the point!

2. This incredibly inspiring story about a boy diagnosed with a 3% chance of survival against cancer at age 14, who is now a healthy 37 year old who has published a book about his experience- saying it was the happiest ten years of his life. I really want to read it because his story sounds so inspirational; but I expect I'll need a truckload of tissues on standby. 

"The Yellow World" by Albert Espinosa

3. I've finally found the right owl ornament for our living room (this should be the headline story on BBC news this evening, if you want more information). I've been looking for a good few months after finding one in Dunelm Mill that was cheap but not particularly attractive (I'm very shallow when it comes to owls). 

I spotted these bookends in the Laura Ashley sale on my way home today, for a pretty reasonable £13.50 reduced from £30, and after unscrewing the metal feet the two sides now fit together pretty much perfectly. Hurrah!

I think he looks rather cute next to my bargain globe on our record storage crates :)

What are you loving this week?

Katie xxx


  1. If that owl was on the news it would have brought a smile to my face! =) x

    1. I would certainly watch the news more often if it involved cute woodland critters :) xx

  2. I freaking love that owl! I also really like this 3 things. Cazz and I used to do 3 good things that had happened to us every day - no matter how crappy.

    1. It's pretty awesome innit? I am very glad I waited to find a good-looking one that's a decent size; the only other ones I liked were weeny salt and pepper pots.

      I mainly called it three things for the alliteration (plus I could only think of 3 :p) but might make it a regular feature

  3. Oooh, NICE globe!!! I like! The owls are cute too! I intend to make Dalek bookends! Not as cute, but still novel!xx

    1. Thank you- it took me ages to track one down that wasn't £20+. Eventually found this one at a boot sale for £1.50- and it still lights up :) Looking forward to seeing the bookends when you've used up all the bubble bath :) xx

  4. what an awesome post :)
    I love this owl!