20 October 2012

Kentish Castles

Hello m'dears

I hope you're all having a fun-filled weekend.

Tom and I spent today adventuring around Kent; visiting National Trust properties, eating scones, and taking a lot of photographs. I was worried an autumnal visit to places centred around long countryside walks would end up a miserable, rain-soaked muddy stomp under grey, dreary skies. I was ecstatic to be proven wrong; the weather was perfect for a rosy-cheeked walk, and the leaves were unbelievable- I took nearly 200 photos in four hours! 

Our first stop was Scotney Castle; a beautiful country house with incredible landscaped grounds including a moated castle. Betty Hussy, the final owner of the house, was a huge fan of cats, and always had at least one living with her. She was a particular fan of Burmese cats, and apparently called every one of them "Minou"...

The Beams Have Eyes... eep!

I thought this looked like a wooden Loch Ness Monster. Tom did not agree. 

Would you like to know a secret? I've turned this photo upside down, because this is actually a reflection of trees in the moat. True story.

How crazy is this toadstool?! Nature is amazing :)

After eating our own weight in scones, we then moved on to Sissinghurst Castle. The buildings and grounds were of a very different period and style to Scotney but equally lovely. And some lucky people get to live there in adorable cottages... *jealousface*

I've put some more photos up on my flickr account if you fancy having a peep :) If you've got any recommendations of other places to visit in the South East of England I'd love to hear! 

Katie xxx


  1. Wow it's gorgeous! No wonder you took so many photos, and they are really good =)

    1. Thank you very much- I'd highly recommend a visit to either! xx

  2. Gorgeous photos and I'd like to move into one of those castles please!

    1. The first one was a lot more modern and practically cosy! It had carpets and a microwave as people still live there :) The others might get a bit chilly in winter as they still had unglazed arrow slit windows and holes in the walls :p x