19 October 2012

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, everyone! 

Have you got any nice weekend plans? 

I haven't got any crafts to share with you today- unless I take a picture of all the empty chocolate bar wrappers in the bin and call it a Modern Art installation? Maybe I'll win the Turner Prize... 

So I thought I'd just post some pictures of stuff I am liking (and, controversially(!), not liking) at the moment so you can look at them if you wish. 

Thing number 1 is this:

There's nothing I don't love about this: 

1. He's a dinosaur.
2. He's in the sale.
3. His name is Mr Spikey
4. He's a wall hook, so I can hang stuff on him
5. It will look like I've hunted, killed, and taxidermied a tiny dinosaur.
6. Did I mention IT'S A FUDGING DINOSAUR?!

To be honest, I could happily have left this list at 1 (Mr Spikey is worthy of a post all of his own, in my view) but I am actually excited about something else too. 

If you don't like informative documentaries about class culture in Britain, you probably won't get why I'm so excited that... Made In Chelsea is back on TV! Hurrah! 

There are few things I like more than watching a bunch of over-privileged idiots fight over a woman with very few brain cells who now makes her living from long, pouty pauses and afternoon alcohol binges (oh, and getting her lady parts out for Loaded magazine). 

I love that every season continues to surprise me; I keep thinking I couldn't possibly hate Spencer any more, but then he comes back and the hate just grows exponentially...

If there is ever an opportunity to punch this man in the face* I am camping out in that queue like it's an iphone 6

And, finally, a post swap! (Of the Royal Snaily Mail variety, not blog posts).

I've arranged to do a posty swap with the lovely Sparklegirl Jen (she is lovely and sparkly!) which originally started out because I wanted some tea with sprinkles in it, but has now morphed into us sending each other huge lists of chocolate and sweeties that we can't buy in our respective countries. I'm very excited about packing her up a box of British goodies :)

What are you excited about at the moment? I'd love to hear!

Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend!

Katie xxx

*For charity, obviously- I'm not a monster!


  1. I love reading your blog posts- they are so dynamic and make me smile everytime!!!! Yes, he's very cute- buy him!!!

    I'm excited about my dalek costume I spent hours beginning to make tonight! For my boyfriend's robot party tomorrow!!!!

    1. A robot party?! That sounds epic!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your costume :)

      Thank you very much- it's so nice to hear people enjoy reading my waffle.

      I actually bought Mr Spikey before I posted this- wanted to make sure he didn't run out when I alerted other people about him :p

  2. I'm also excited by the return of MIC although those newbys don't grab me much. I used to live just off the Kings Rd when I was a nanny so it's great fun to watch, although I was never a Chelsea girl! Also excited that my absent husband is back tomorrow. He's been away working but made sure I had three days worth of Frazzles before he left! What a treasure!

    1. I'm not impressed either- although the Spencer/Andy arguments were pretty hilarious - and I LOVED the conversation about polar bears vs hippos! It must be a lot funnier watching it if you've lived there; I feel the same about programmes filmed in Brighton.

      Your husband sounds fantastic! Glad he's looking after you properly! :)

  3. Yay for our swap! I can't wait to send you your package!

    And Mr. Spikey is cute!!

  4. Just post jumped to this from your link regarding the swap...firstly, that is such a good idea! Hate when wonderful shops don't ship to the UK, so depressing.

    Secondly...I absolutely love MIC haha guilty pleasure, I never thought I'd find myself watching such a thing. I only really like the Binky crowd and Proudlock. Did you see the Christmas special? So over the top haha.