15 May 2013

Vlog Number 2...

In which I don't really talk about anything for 5 minutes, and pull a lot of hideous faces. Erm... enjoy?!

Katie xxx

P.S The cider I can't pronounce is this one


  1. It doesn't help that the rain is crashing onto my conservatory roof but I can't really hear you! Any chance you could boost the levels/volume next time!?x

  2. I can't hear you either. My computer fan is drowning you out. But I truly love your wallpaper! x

  3. Thanks for letting me know, ladies! Seems like a bit of a fail this time round- I'll have to pipe up a bit more in my next one!
    P.S. Emma Kate- my wallpaper is a Cath Kidston rip-off from wallpaperdirect (it was only £14 a roll!)

  4. Love the wallpaper! I could hear you but I had you turned waay up (ooh that sounds a bit rude!)
    Twas fun :) you sound much better than last time!
    Anna xx