22 April 2013

Under the Weather

Hello lovelies

How you doin'?

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today due to the combination of a nasty cold and a very woolly head, which has essentially transformed me into an uber-snotty Shaun the Sheep. 

I went into work early this morning to finish off some projects (covering my keyboard, desk, and stapler in lovely, lovely germs in the process), but gave in mid morning and headed home for orange juice, tissues, blankets, and naps on the sofa. 

At least there's a silver lining that I've got this smiley little face to keep me company:

Front made from Chevrons Golden
(currently on sale- go, go, go!)

I'd been wanting to make an anthropomorphic cloud cushion for ages after spotting one on French Blossom; but I had to wait until I found the right fabric. When my fabric order from M is for Make arrived on Saturday it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get stitching. 

Back made from Flying Geese Shade
(which is even more on sale! Quick!)

The rest of my order also included lots of Scandinavian patterned fabrics; yellows, soft blues, greens and creams in triangles, chevrons, and woodland patterns. I'm planning to use them all in one large project which will hopefully be revealed later this week- as long as we can fit the other part I need in our car! After what happened with the chest of drawers I'm a little concerned... 

In my opinion, there are definitely not enough clouds with eyelashes in the world. What do you think?

Katie xxx


  1. I hope you feel better soon! And that cloud pillow is adorable. Hopefully it brings you some sunshine xo

  2. Ooh these are too cute! Hope you get better! xx


  3. Poor you! Hope that your nasty cold buggers off soon :) That cloud is so sweet! And anthropomorphic is one of my fave words!!

  4. Eugh stupid spring cold!! Hope it clears quickly; get honey,lemon,gingered up quick smart! LOve the cushions and the fabrics.xxx

  5. In my opinion, there are not enough anthropomorphised objects in the world! Absolutely adorable! How appropriate you are ill on the day of showing, if a little unfortunate- hope you're better soon!x

  6. I loooove the cloud! Very sweet. Who doesn't need a smiley cloud in their life?
    Get well soon! xx

  7. How's the snot today? Hopefully better. Loving that cheerful cloud :)