23 April 2013

Healthy Eating

I am determined to kick this cold as fast as I possibly can, so I've been filling up on all the goodness I can think of. Today's breakfast/lunch combo added up to 7 portions of fruit and vegetables- that's got to be a good start, right?

I got thinking about the leftover mint we had in the fridge from last week's dinner involving Jamie's French peas (my new favourite style of pea), and how it must surely be better than mint tea bags.

Fresh mint tea- putting mint teabags to shame since forever.

I even drank my hot cordial out of a rather fungi mug* which I found at the back of the work kitchen cupboard...

And let's not forget all the medicinal M&Ms I've been scoffing this afternoon. This cold hasn't got a chance.

Katie xxx 

* I may well spend my afternoon knitting myself an award for "lamest pun on the blog to date"


  1. Feel better soon! I hear kiwis are a great source of vitamin C - more than an orange apparently.

    1. Thank you for the tip! I used to love eating kiwi fruit- not for the taste but because my parents had bought us these special kiwi spoons that had a knife for a handle to cut the kiwi in half (they weren't as dangerous as they sound!) x

  2. Have you tried echinacea (I had to google that to check spelling) - I swear by it - as soon as I feel a cold coming on I take it and (usually) the cold is nice to me. Not always tho.