9 April 2013


Oh, Tuesday. 

I've always said you're the absolute WORST. You're so much worse than Monday- you're like having to do Monday all over again. 

After yesterday's combination of The Huge Chin Spot Of Doom, bending back my thumbnail like it was a limbo champion, and smashing a mug at work- covering my hand in scalding water in the process - I thought you HAD to be better than Monday this time.... 

You started out so well. I began the day with a smile (despite the rain) because Tom bought me a Danish for the train journey to work. A trainish, if you will. 

Then, you introduced The Pigeon.

I can recall some pretty awful Mondays in my life, and some totally horrendous Tuesdays. And then there are days when a pigeon shits on your face. 

I DEFINITELY don't like you, Tuesday. 


  1. Oh please tell me you had your mouth shut! I really hope that Wednesday picks up for you :o)

  2. Eughhhh blaaady bird poo, nothing makes me more miserable! Hope your week gets better tho! xx

  3. Oh goodness Katie, poor you! That sounds the utter pits! X

  4. I apologize for my kinsman....how foul

  5. I hate Tuesdays too, it's so much harder to get out of bed than on Mondays! Hope Wednesday is kinder to you x