8 April 2013

Aztec Pillowcase Tutorial

I've had a single, white pillowcase sitting around for a while just begging to be drawn on. To be fair, anything plain white isn't going to last long in this house any more thanks to my ever-expanding collection of porcelain, glass and fabric pens. I wanted to turn it into something bright and colourful (shocking, I know) and after spotting this cushion cover I knew I'd found the design for me. 

You will need:
- A white pillowcase
- Fabric pens
- Cardboard (such as cereal boxes)
- An iron

Lay the pillowcase on a flat surface (you can iron it if you want to), and fill the inside of the pillowcase with flattened pieces of cardboard to stop the ink leaking through to the other side. 

Draw the outlines of each section using a black fabric pen. I found it easiest to draw the vertical lines first to break the pillowcase into chunks, then filled in each strip with a different pattern. 

Colour it in. Keeping within the lines is optional, depending on how much of a perfectionist you are/whether you're hungry and want to finish asap so you can cook dinner. 

Leave the pillowcase for the amount of time dictated on your fabric pens, and then iron to fix. Put it on your bed and admire it proudly. Or hang it from the window like a flag to show off to the neighbours. 

Have you ever decorated anything with fabric pens? 

Katie xxx

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