25 March 2013


I've gotten myself in a bit of a pickle here, folks. After a couple of months of saving my pennies, with the intention of treating myself to this beautiful Armchair of Dreams, which I will undoubtedly use every day for cosy afternoons curled up with a book and a cup of tea, I've just spotted this in a magazine and now can't decide which I'd prefer. It's the eternal question really, isn't it? Armchair or treehouse?




Katie xxx


  1. Get the armchair!

    That's not a real treehouse. Where's the tree? It's just a shed on stilts.

    Get the armchair and start saving for a REAL treehouse.

  2. aahhh both are lovely. The armchair will be more practical and something you can use every day. The tree house fun and a great escape on bad days. Tricky one.... I say chair :-) dee x

  3. Armchair! The treehouse is amazing but you wouldn't be able to use it during all the cold months. The armchair can be used all year!

  4. hmm...well you could put the treehouse in your house...and have your own cave, funky cabin, but with warmth and comfort...then you could decorate it, which you wouldn't be able to resist, at your leisure!

  5. That armchair is heavenly - perfect at any time of year. Cosy in winter and respite from the heat (well we can dream!) during the long hot summer we're so going to get this year! :) x

  6. Buy the armchair and BUILD a tree house from an old pallet or two! xx

  7. I have an idea! Get the arm chair and then make an amazing treehouse like the one in Swiss Family Robinson- you know with pull cords that raise ladders and steps and furniture from a shipwreck!x