20 February 2013

Captain Special

S'up my homies

Have you had a nice day?

Sorry for being so quiet recently here in Blogland. I've got so many half-written posts lurking in my drafts list I'm pretty sure I could enter the Half-Arsed Olympics and, well, give up halfway through....

My brain seems to be self-scrambling without my permission and I've found myself acting like Captain Special of late, including;
  • Waiting on the wrong platform at the train station (for aaaages) and subsequently missing my train. The train I've been getting once a week from the same (correct) platform since January.
  • Leaning on a stack of very slippery paper to sign the back of my new debit card. Hand slipped, biro everywhere, tried to rub off the mistake, and smudged it. So I've now got to spend three years counter-signing everything with big smudges like this so it matches:
  • Going to open the nearest door when someone nearby enthusiastically thumped the table to emphasise their point. I just... there are no words.
Hope you're all ok!

Katie xxx

P.S. That colour really suits you!

P.P.S. LOOKIT! You know what this means?! I need to pull my finger out and sort out another giveaway! Yippee!


  1. Impressive number of page views! Yay! I've been having moments like that, where I do daft things- oopse!

    1. I figure what's the point in having a daft moment if I can't share it with all my internet friends?! :) xx

  2. Katie... you are funny and I love itxxxx

  3. I agree with the Happy Caravan! Congrats on the pageviews! x

  4. Woo! That's a lot of pageviews! Congrats! My last couple of weeks sound similar to yours... I'm hoping I'll get myself straightened out soon haha.