13 February 2013

Blog of the Week Number 6

Howdy folks!

How's things? Eaten any nice biscuits recently? 

Apologies for my tardiness with this week's BOTW. As I mentioned yesterday, I've been busy getting my Somerset on. Where it rained, and rained, and rained... Anyone else getting sick of this "winter" nonsense?!

Well- help is at hand with this week's star blogger! Sharon is a woman on a mission- to turn the nation's unloved, uncared for caravans into things of beauty! And, my word, is she doing it! 

The lovely Sharon modelling a gorgeous dress she made herself!!

Sharon blogs over at The Happy Caravan and is a little ray of sunshine! Her blog is the perfect place to go if you fancy having a day dream about lazy summer afternoons, beach BBQs, and road tripping with your homies in a gorgeous home-from-home. 

As someone who probably needs to go to rehab for looking at too many before-and-after photos, Sharon's blog certainly fuels my addiction. She can work wonders with a paintbrush and a sewing machine- and has a seriously enviable collection of vintage fabrics! 

One of the "Befores"... Good luck, Sharon!!
Nailed it!!

Please do pop over to The Happy Caravan and drool over Sharon's hard work that definitely pays off :) You can even buy one of her caravans!! 

Katie xxx

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  1. Since you asked, they were chocolate fingers and they were tasty! I bought them for the staff who had to do parents evening!!!
    Wow, she's a genius!!!!x

  2. Oh my how amazing are they! I'd love a snazzy caravan. xx

    1. Me too :) I could fill it with flasks of tea and crocheted blankets! One day... :) xx

  3. Gingerbread hearts, made for Valentines.

    I really want a caravan. I want to use it as a mobile nail bar and take it to festivals to inflict my manicures on the great drunken public ;-)

    1. Yum!

      That's a brilliant idea :) I know Sharon sorted one out for a lady who runs a little cafe from it- I'd love to do that! x