3 January 2013

Three Things Thursday

Three things currently making me smile...

1. Kitten Plate (watch out- there's a swear on it!)

I whipped out my porcelain pens again at Christmas time to make my friend Holly a little memento of our summer boating holiday. Whilst we were on the boat this story was all over the newspapers and we nearly wet ourselves laughing reading the quotes including the gem below and also "It was one million percent a lion". Turned out to be some old woman's chubby cat...

2. Gu Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake

I honest-to-God have NO IDEA how I have only just tried these things. Tom and I are both serious fans of their chocolate souffl├ęs (I like them straight out of the fridge, Tom puts his in the oven "like you're supposed to". Pfff!) to the point where one of our kitchen cupboards is full to bursting with little glass ramekins, but up until a week ago I had never tried their cheesecakes. They have instantly become my favourite thing in the whole wide world, and also my nemesis because I reckon I could eat at least four in one sitting without any nausea issues. The inevitable tripling of my chins is the only thing holding me back from doing just that!

3. Rediscovering this beauty of a headline when browsing my old phone photos gallery.  

The actual story is really horrible, but my first thought was of something more like this: 

I hope you're all having a wonderful start to the year!

Katie xxx


  1. Bahahaha! Love duck attack. The Essex Lion was ridiculous - some people are such idiots.

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  2. Awesome duck attack!

    I adore Gu puds, they are soooooo good. Think I might need to get some after work now!!

  3. Love the sweary plate! Have you seen the work of Trixie Delicious on Etsy? I find it really fun. But I'm probably very immature! ;)

  4. That cheesecake looks heavenly!

  5. Haha only yesterday did I find the ramekins, the chocolate looks yummy xxx