1 January 2013

Sittin' Pretty

Hello lovelies!

Did you have a nice New Year's Eve? Mine was full of fancy frocks, fancier food, and seriously dangerous cocktails; followed by Balderdash, a lot of giggling, and swigging champagne straight from the bottle like the class acts we are. 

I'm feeling very driven to try and make 2013 even better than 2012; craftier, tastier, happier, cosier, more social and more educational. I'm hoping to finish some of my long-outstanding DIY projects, spend more time doing wholesome outdoorsy things, and sketch out some plans for the future. I'm really looking forward to some new and inspiring challenges (she says, sitting on the sofa watching Bank Holiday TV with a belly full of leftover Yule Log...).

My first project was testing out home-made chalk paint on our dining chairs. We bought six handmade wooden chairs from Gumtree for a bargainous £30-the-lot over two years ago, and whilst I love their gorgeous shape I've always wanted to brighten them up with a lick of paint. 

Tom managed to fit 6 of these (plus us!) in our Ford Focus. He's clearly some sort of a chair-Tetris Wizard

I attempted my first chalk paint mix last weekend, using leftover teal paint from Tom's Man Cave (which I also used to paint the stripes on our dresser) and a bit of plaster of Paris.

I decided my newly-turquoised chair deserved a fancy new cushion too, so I made one today from some gorgeous bird-print cotton, a piece of Cath Kidston-esque fabric from Ikea, and half the stuffing from a very old pillow (Tom bought me new ones for Christmas :) ) 

The next chair is going to be in the same blue paint I used for my table lamp makeover, and I'm working on a zesty yellow cushion to go with it. Just in case you hadn't noticed, I much prefer it when things don't match; and I'm looking forward to continuously rearranging the different patterned cushions on our multi-coloured chairs. Simple things, eh?

Wishing you all a 2013 that's filled to the brim with the things and people you love best. 

Katie xxx


  1. How charming! Do you want to come and do mine as well!?x

    1. Maybe :) I do think everyone deserves a nice, comfy chair in their lives! x

  2. The chair looks amazing! I love the teal colour and the fabric for the cushion. Wonderful job!

  3. That looks great! Everything looks better painted! Gorgeous colour!

  4. I would definitely sit on that and would feel compelled to wear a nice frock while doing so. Very handsome indeed!

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