26 December 2012

The Sweetest Swap with Sparklegirl

Hello m'dears!

I've got a very exciting announcement... I've discovered my fellow blogger Sparklegirl is secretly a wizard!! It's the only way Jen could possibly have managed to fit so many goodies into her swap box- haha! I mentioned how excited I was about doing our little post-swap earlier this year, and Jen's Parcel of Awesomeness turned up on my doormat last week!

Mysterious parcel of wonder

The swap came about after I discovered the existence of David's Tea; my eyes practically popped out of their sockets when I saw all of the incredible flavours of tea. Then I found out they didn't ship to the UK and was about to give up and have a cry. However, I pulled myself together when I realised it was an awesome opportunity to get to know Jen a little better and share some Christmas cheer via a swap of British and Canadian/US goodies!

Jen was totally up for it (hurrah!) and we spent ages emailing back and forth long lists of confectionery, teas and desserts before settling on some key things we both wanted, and getting some ideas for some added surprise extras. These are some of the wonderful things she sent me. 

Lots of little chocolate bars and some adorable Hello Kitty pocky
CANDY CANE HOT CHOCOLATE!! I'm very glad customs didn't bust this parcel open; it looks a bit dodgy, doesn't it!?
A handmade purse! You can check out Jen's other makes in her wonderful Etsy shop
Lots and lots of David's Tea including Amaretto, Birthday Cake, Cherry Cola, Movie Night and Oh Canada. And a super-cute Christmas card :)
I love how teeny the KitKat bar is- I feel like a giant! Adorable :)
The combined aroma is utterly delicious; the tea smells absolutely heavenly and our whole house now smells like a sweet shop! :) Perfect for Christmas!

Thank you so much Jen- I had a wonderful time swapping goodies with you! 

Katie xxx

P.S. I also wrote Jen a Christmas-themed guest blog post earlier this month. You can have a read, and visit Jen's awesome blog, here


  1. I LOVE David's Tea, I am in Vancouver at the moment and just got some Forever Nuts which I would highly recommend. IT IS AMAZEBALLS TEA. The shop had pretty much sold of out everything because tea rules the world.


    1. I want to try Forever Nuts!!! It's on my to-try list from Davids Tea, though, that list is huge!! Plus, doesn't Forever Nuts turn pink?! That makes it even better!!

    2. Yeah I got the menu with my purchases and totally want everything!! Forever nuts does turn pink because it has beetroot in it - woo! :) I'll tweet a pic to you once I let it steep.

      Have followed your blog via bloglovin' :)

      Claire x

  2. I'm so happy your package received you safely and that customs didn't go through it! I had so much fun putting together everything for you. I can't wait to hear how you like the tea.

    1. I'm definitely getting rather addicted to Birthday Cake! When I run out (trying not to think about that!) I'm going to have to start putting sprinkles in regular cups of tea and hope it feels as special :)

  3. We should go to the tea shop in Covent garden - I think you'll like it! xxx