27 December 2012

Christmas Cold

Hello lovelies :) 

Did you have a nice Christmas?

Despite coming down with the mother of all colds late on Christmas Eve, I had a really wonderful Christmas with unbelievable amounts of delicious food, stacks of presents (I am one very lucky girl!) and a lot of laughter with my awesome other half and his lovely family. 

Miraculously, without any prior warning that I was going to end up poorly over Christmas, Tom and his family managed to sort me out with all of the ingredients to facilitate a speedy and comfortable recovery... 

Thanks to Tom's Mum, I am now the proud owner of a cableknit jumper! I'm cosied up in it today trying to banish the remains of this bug. 

You can pick up a blue or purple version of the jumper here

And I think Tom's family might've noticed my love of hot chocolate... haha. The Praline White Hot Chocolate has definitely been more effective on my cold than a Lemsip!

It's a shame I was so snotty over Christmas, as it meant I couldn't visit Tom's brilliant grandparents. Hopefully I'll be able to see them in January; when Tom's Granddad is turning 90!! 

Although, I suppose bright red, shiny noses are rather festive, aren't they?!

Katie xxx


  1. Happy Christmas Katie! Hope you feel better soon:)

  2. A very happy Christmas to you dear Katie! I am glad you had a lovely day, the jumper looks the perfect antidote to Christmas snot, as does copious amounts of hot choccie (my little sis also got loads of that- she got a box with 8 different hot chocolate varieties in it!)- get better soon, I am looking forward to more laughs here in green polka dot land!x

  3. I hope you feel better soon!! And what a lovely Hot Chocolate stash!