16 December 2012

Six Things Sunday

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're all having fabulous, festive-feeling weekends. I've made a few smile-inducing discoveries recently which I'd like to share with you today.

1. More Balderdash
After playing Balderdash for the first time during our adventure on the Norfolk Broads, I couldn't imagine enjoying any other boardgame quite as much ever again. Balderdash relies on the players to use their imagination, which I absolutely love, and when combined with booze the answers (certainly in our little crew) get cruder and more hilarious as the game progresses. 

Yesterday, I found a cheap second-hand box of "More Balderdash" in my favourite antique shop, and opened it this morning to find two wonderful surprises. Firstly, the game board consists of the most enchanting alphabet-themed illustrations I've seen in ages (to the point where I'm considering framing it!) and, secondly, the box contained a whole bundle of answers from the previous owner- some of which were pretty hilarious. 

Wherever you are, Edd, I salute you. 

2. Reminders of summer 
My Mum recently gave me a sample of this Statement Brighton wallpaper from B&Q because she thought it would remind me of glorious summers I've had (and still hope to have) in Brighton. I decided to frame it and add it to the ever-expanding gallery of oddities in our hallway. 

3. Even more cordial
After recently becoming just a little bit obsessed with my hot elderflower punch recipe, I was ecstatic to find out Bottlegreen now do a much wider range of flavours including Strawberry & Elderflower, Mixed Berry, and Lime & Coconut. Nom nom nom. 

I was particularly excited to discover the Mixed Berry flavour, because it tastes like non-alcoholic mulled wine. I am a big fan of things that taste like mulled wine, which is why I am always telling cold-y/flu-y people about Wild Berry and Hot Orange Lemsips; they taste sooo much better than the lip-puckeringly sour lemon ones (which I am pretty sure were made by mothers to check if their little darlings were truly ill or just faking it to escape school. There's no way I'd drink a lemon Lemsip unless I was seriously ill).

4. Musings from the Pigeon's Nest
The lovely Shiny Pigeon is back from her blogging break; posting pictures of her beautiful new very-own-house all tarted up for Festivemas, vlogging about Sylvanian families, and sharing more of her thrifty craft tips. Hurrah!

5. Love notes on my coffee
I don't mean I found a handwritten declaration of love from the kid who works in my local Costa (just as well, really- I'm basically old enough to be his mother!), but instead discovered a poem on a can of iced coffee I bought to accompany my pre-theatre dinner at Pompoko on Friday.  

The bits obscured by the label read "I love..."
It is genuinely one of the sweetest things I've ever read. Why don't all beverages have such nice sentiments on their packaging?!

6. 10,000 page views 
Earlier this week I reached 10,000 page views on my blog. I know that it's a drop in the blogging ocean compared to some, but I'm still feeling stick-it-on-the-fridge-Mum proud. As a thank you to all you lovely readers, I'm running a competition to win a custom cross-stitch of your choice, made by me! All you have to do is leave a comment on my Giveaway blog post by Saturday 21 December. 

I've realised that giving a completely free choice on the design of the prize might be a bit overwhelming so I thought I'd post a few ideas below, in case you'd been put off entering until you'd chosen what you'd like to see immortalised in cross-stitch:

- Up to two Emily Peacock carnival letters of your choice, in the style of my Circus cross-stitch, with an ampersand in the middle if you want the initials of a pair of love-birds.
- Any of the designs from threadless.com, made using lots of thread (like my zombie Wizard of Oz sampler). 
- Your favourite saying, quote, or joke; or something personal to you

What have you discovered, or re-discovered, recently? I'd love to hear!

Katie xxx


  1. That extract is by W H Auden - nice to see poetry elsewhere than toilet doors and the London Underground! Love the Balderdash board and your wallpaper sample, Brighton is one of my favourite places.

    Very excited at the prospect of your giveaway! x

  2. I've always seen Balderdash around but I had no idea what it was about. I may have to give it a try now! And I love the poem on your can of iced coffee. Too sweet!