28 September 2012

Pick-me-up pictures

Hello! Happy Friday :) 

Have you got anything exciting planned for the weekend?

Thanks to a stressful few weeks I'm feeling really run down at the moment but I am determined not to start feeling sorry for myself when the world is full of so much awesome stuff (and lovely people, and delicious cake, and cosy jumpers....)

My latest issue of Ideal Home magazine turned up today, and the minute I finished work I snuggled on the sofa with the magazine and a hot chocolate, under my patchwork blanket, kicking off the weekend in my trademark crazy style. 

Normally, I try and take my time with magazines because (to me) they're a bit of a treat. I mean, £3-4 for a few pages of pictures I can probably find on tumblr or Pinterest seems like a lot. Just think how much essential Dairy Milk that could buy! So I feel like I need to really savour them to get my money's worth. Silly, I know- like a magazine version of the "who can make their sweet last the longest?" game my parents used to suggest we played in the car on family holidays; the winner was really the loser because they'd been sucking the same sweet for approximately six billion years, and lost all feeling in their tongue. Did anyone else ever play that? Didn't think so... 

But today I seemed to race through in a matter of minutes- the pictures were just so pretty! I spotted a few brands I hadn't heard of before, so I had to head over to the internet to see what else I could find on their websites. I think I'm in love...

Just look at this beautiful bedding from Bedeck:

This is the best duvet cover thing I have ever seen, but for some reason only comes in single bed size. Are circuses for children or something?!

I'm also head-over-heels for all the photographs of this beautiful wedding on Rock and Roll Bride; just look at how pretty their cakes were!

Check out these amazing embroidered pictures and papercuts from the super-talented Coral and Tusk
Elephant / Bear / (Sl)hedgehog / Narwhal
And these just made me smile:

Hope you all have fabulous fun-filled weekends! I'm going to be spending mine baking up a storm (hopefully not decorating the cupcakes with germs!) for the birthday cake commission I mentioned earlier this week. Fingers crossed I can make something vaguely resembling Peppa Pig, and not something rude. Teehee!


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  1. So glad that someone else my age gets Ideal home mag... just got my new one through the door this morning! LOVE IT! xoxoxo