3 September 2015

Three Things Thursday

Today I'm feeling especially grateful for...

1. The lovely bods at the AA
Who had to come to my rescue TWICE over the weekend. Steve bravely suffered through a cup of totally awful tea on Saturday morning, and taught me that my car speaks in Morse Code. Who knew?! 

"Dave" (he didn't actually introduce himself, but he totally looked like a Dave) came to my aid at God Awful O'Clock on Monday night, after my car made a weird ker-chunk noise and the battery light came on. Followed by a whole bunch of other lights, which made my dashboard look like an angry Christmas tree. Despite the angry engine noises, I felt almost overwhelming lucky by the fact my car decided to break down just as I happened to be within coasting distance of my Grandparents' house - the only familiar faces on my 30+ mile drive! Dave went above and beyond trying to fix my car (which decided to play dumb the moment he got there) by offering to follow me home in case it happened again- despite it being completely out of his way. Thanks, Dave!

2. The girl at the Real Eating Co.
Who saw the look in my eyes when I jokingly asked for "the biggest slice of coconut cake you can get away with", and brought me THIS:

Yes, that's a dinner plate. And a regular sized fork. It was genuinely bigger than the four-cup teapot. I LOVE YOU, REAL EATING CO. GIRL.

3. Arundel
As a West Sussex girl born and bred, I've been to Arundel more times than I can count* but it never fails to delight me with it's fantastic architecture and independent eateries; it's just bloody lovely. 

See! Told you.

I still managed to discover all manner of new eccentricities on my latest visit, including a real life Bernard Black (who owns the Old Maps gallery on the High Street and really doesn't like questions), three floors of seriously beautiful books, and the club I want to join more than any other:

Are you doing it, Michelle? ARE YOU?!

Last but by no means least, check out this incredible pair of knockers: 

I'm assuming the doors are going through puberty. Happens to the best of us...

What have you been feeling thankful for recently? 

Katie xxx

* Seven times. I can only count to five.


  1. OMG epic cake!!! I must find my way there immediately.

  2. Ha, I love that she gave you monster-sized portion! When I was a child, they used to have a glass of mint imperials on the counter in Garfunkel's in London and I used to.keep sneaking one by one into my pocket. One day, the manager picked up the glass, and poured it into my pocket! Reminds me of that! Those knockers are very cool! I like the look of Arundel. Hurrah for pretty places.
    Sorry about the car but glad Steve and Dave were there to sort it!

  3. What a delightful looking town. I've decided to run an antiques shop in Arundel, based on just looking at your picture.
    Daves offer to follow you home is frightening! I had the man in to read the meter the other day (or so he said) and I realised I was naked under my dressing gown which made me nervous. When he was reading the meter I hid a sharp pencil in my hand, ready to stab him in the eye in case the sight of me in fluffy robe and slippers with no makeup on whatsoever caused him to try anything untoward. Fortunately nothing happened and he left with his eyeballs intact.
    If your car continues to misbehave you might want to consider keeping a sharp pencil in the glove box. xxx

  4. A lovely looking town. I'm going to have to try that thing with the cake - asking for the biggest piece they can get away with, haha! If you don't ask, you don't get!

  5. Amazing cake! Going to have to try that tactic. Also I really hope the tea and biscuit club are looking for new members!

  6. Ah wow, what a nice girl! I love it when strangers do cute little things like this for other people and I hope your car is all sorted out now, that's always the worst when it breaks down at the most inopportune moments! - Tasha

  7. Oh cake girl just became my favourite. More so than Dave: AA Man slash stalker maybe. That was unnecessarily mean, he sounds like a swell guy.
    And thanks for your concern but already completed it. A life size needlework Pete and Betty reclining suggestively on a bed of hotdog sausages is headed your way, stat. I've asked Dave to swing by with it.
    M x
    Oh and nice knockers. Because I can't let that go.

  8. Ahem, you have no excuse not to blog!!! So spit spot!!!!