3 March 2015

Three Things Tuesday

Hello lovelies! 

Happy Tuesday! If that's not a total oxymoron. 

I've been feeling all kinds of gloomy of late, but it's encouraged me to search even harder for the illusive silvery lining of the cartoon storm cloud permanently hovering over my head. After considerable searching, I've finally managed to find a glimmer or three...

1.  Car Boot Chic
I spent Sunday morning at Brighton Racecourse car boot sale drinking tea from a flask, getting mildly sunburnt (seriously, people - in MARCH) and punting a whole load of random tat. The wintery sunlight was accompanied by a wind more cutting than Joan Collins with PMT, and I realised with dread shortly after arriving that I'd forgotten my gloves. 

For those of you who've never met me, you may be unaware that my gloves are basically a medical necessity. The skin on my hands is so sensitive I've actually cut myself on vegetables before. Not the vegetable knife. The VEGETABLES. Cue me going into Panic Mode, or at least until I remembered that I'd actually brought some gloves with me to sell. Hallelujah!  

I'm not claiming to be the most glamorous car boot seller who ever lived, but I can't imagine there are many sellers who hawk their wares while sporting elbow-length satin opera gloves...

2. Tiny Fried Eggs
Contrary to popular opinion, the coldest part of my body isn't actually my Ice Queen Heart. It's my stomach. I don't know why, but when my core gets cold I just can't seem to shake it (the cold, that is; not my belly. That's a bowlful of jelly to rival Santa's). This means I can usually be found clutching a hot water bottle to my stomach, regardless of the ambient temperature. When I recently noticed that, post-hwb, my stomach was doing a rather fantastic impersonation of JD's Pink Belly (admittedly, not signed by Turk) I started to wonder what the heat might be doing to my insides. I finally settled on this:

Good thing I don't want kids, eh? Haha

3. Pre-dinner cheesecake
Although my on-going lack of WiFi access is making me to consider joining some kind of support group, there are some benefits to being forced to track down alternative sources of internet-flavoured goodness. Usually, when I'm using the WiFi at Bill's (tonight's provider of choice) I try to eke out one pot of tea until my laptop battery dies. But tonight I decided that (given that I was going to use the internet for hours) it would be rather rude not to order something edible too..

If exercising good manners isn't the perfect excuse for eating lemon meringue pie cheesecake before dinner, then I don't know what is... 

Nor do I care, actually. Pre-dinner cheesecake needs no excuse.

Have you discovered anything particularly smile-inducing lately? Do share!

Katie xxx


  1. Disappointed not to see your satin glove wearing Del Boy but I'll live. You won me back with pre dinner cheesecake and pilfering wifi. I knew we were one.
    M x

    1. And bravo on finding tg happy under your cartoon cloud, bloody hard to do that!

  2. Ha, ha cartoon fried vary eggs!!!! Oh I wish I'd seen the opera gloves. I can't wait to freak out the staid and poe-faced commuters tomorrow by going dressed as D'Artagnan for World Book Day!! Mea, ha!!
    Ooh, cryptic, I look forward to the letter! Hope you are ok!! Don't be sad!

    Not a fan of the lemon meringue sadly, am bit of a sweet fusspot!!x

    1. How did your commute go? Can't wait to see photos!

      Sorry I didn't capture evidence of my glove-clad elbows. They were quite the sight!

      I'll be OK hun; thank you for your concern though xxx

  3. the fried eggs made me laugh. My sis always has a hot water bottle too, I wonder if her eggs are fried too...she doesn't want children either! Ah lack of wiFi, that is rubbish, but I can think of waaaay worse places than Bill's to borrow internet from. Incidentally, that cheescake pie thing looks lush :) X

  4. That cheesecake looks amazing <3 I've been searching out smile-inducing things lately too since this Winter has been long enough and I want sunshine and warmth on my body! I haven't found much... kitty snuggles, listening to Tegan and Sara on repeat, making and eating brownies.

  5. I want cheesecake now! Did anyone make you an offer for the gloves?!

  6. You don't want kids? Nooo! You'd be a great mother, making cool thingies for your offspring and filling the house with even more dinosaurs. Don't rule it out and yes, stop frying your eggs. I'm totally the same about hot water bottles. Some things are too important to leave til bedtime!
    Your car oot story is a boot. Hope you did well. I tend to come back with more stuff than I sold... xxx

  7. Get yourself down to Poundland lady, they sell packs of two sticky heat pads for a squid. Not exactly the most glamorous thing in the world but stick one to your underwear and you'll have warmth all day long (and no-one will know). It's like a really discreet mini hot water bottle! :-) xxx