10 October 2014

Freebie Friday

Happy Friday!

Have you got nice plans for the weekend?

Mine's started pretty darn well with another session of free shopping, this time thanks to L'Oreal Paris who sent me £15 of vouchers to apologise for my recent hair dye disaster. Lady Luck was clearly on my side because Superdrug is currently running a multitude of discount offers on L'Oreal products :) 

Now, as most of you will know, aside from a good face scrub I don't give two hoots about skincare so, to ensure I only chose products I'd actually use, I opted for all the orange ones...

Ok, the orange part was just a coincidence; but I do like that they're all matchy-matchy. I chose the face scrubs because they were two-for-£5 (with an RRP of £4.49) and they smell like marmalade. I'm hoping the Age Perfect Serum (which was half price) will make me 22 again. Or at least stop my skin drying out this winter. I had to buy the shampoo because the voucher wouldn't work until I spent £15 (instead of £14.99- grrr!), and it was the cheapest product I could find. I reckon the rest is a pretty good haul seeing as it was free!

I had another stroke of luck a few weeks ago with my new yellow trunks. They were delivered while I was at work, so I was rather surprised when another box arrived later that evening containing two more! I left it unopened while I considered the moral dilemma of whether to return them. It was only after I discovered that the first set were actually both dented that I decided to open the second box, and found out one of those was dented too. So I've decided to count the second set as the replacements I would've requested for the dented ones anyway. 

This means I've got two in the dining room, and two in the bedroom (where I originally intended them to go) storing my summer clothes to make more room in the wardrobe.  

Our bedroom isn't actually a watercolour painting, by the way- it was just really dark in there due to The Storm*, so I decided to play with the filters on my phone camera and mess it up properly. 

Katie xxx

* I'm assuming it's a storm, but it might be God's wrath because I decided to keep the second set of trunks... 

P.S. Sorry to anyone who assumed from the title that this going to be free things for you! Although I have got a giveaway on the go at the moment...


  1. Yay for freebies! It's always worth a complaint. I complained to customer services about our local pizza express as I thought the manager was really rude and I wasn't impressed when I had to send back a burnt pizza and it was just taken off me and another one brought out - no apology, no discount... I got a £50 voucher!

    Great to get the extra trunks too, I bet you can't see their imperfections while they're in place!

    1. What an amazing response to a complaint- I bet you enjoyed your free meal (or three) that you got from that! xxx

  2. You bought some lovely things - and how great that the skincare was free!
    Loving the yellow trunks. I recently ordered a kettle which I assumed was missing but had actually been taken to the uni mail reception place - despite them saying it would be delivered to the hall - so I ended up with two. I am still waiting for a convenient time to return the second one.

    1. Indeed- it feels all the better for being free!
      At least you know now that parcels are sometimes left in reception- I hope taking the second kettle back isn't too much hassle! xxx

  3. Hurrah for recompense! Hurrah for extra trunks and hurrah for nice large wardrobes!
    Hurrah for Katie!!x

  4. I love a good face scrub...look forward to hearing how you get on with these because I also like marmalade! I usually use Neutrogena because I have a thing about pink grapefruit xx

    1. I'll let you know when I've tested them out, Rhia- I reckon marmalade and grapefruit are very appropriate smells for morning face scrubs. I'd also like one that smelt like hot buttered toast. xxx

  5. Yay for extra trunks! You deserve them considering 3 out of the 4 have dents! And I love good deals on health and beauty items. Coupons or vouchers are my favourite!