21 September 2014

Recent F Words

Hey m'dears

How are you?

In true Sesame Street style, today's episode my week has mostly revolved around the letter "F", including:

Flappers galore, on a 1920's-themed hen do:

We went for afternoon tea at Betty Blythe, a gorgeous vintage tearoom, accompanied by copious flutes of fizz and tasty treats garnished with flowers.

We demolished the cakes, scones, and sandwiches like a swarm of glamorous locusts.

I definitely wasn't mentally prepared for choosing between pistachio, orange and vanilla macarons.

Betty Blythe also sells beautifully packaged edible things ranging from wholesome granola to retro sweeties. I felt a bit sorry for the lonely heart. 

Post-tea party we were allowed to choose a photo of Ms Blythe as a memento of our day. The moment I saw the photo below I knew it had to be mine. The elegant stance, that glorious moustache, and Betty's expression are just perfection.

Our new floor has been laid (hurrah!) so we've spent the weekend reinstating our furniture very, VERY carefully. It looks so much prettier than the crusty old carpets inherited from the previous owners, and the house feels cosier too. 

New floor in our recently prettified kitchen

Between getting myself up to speed in my new job, floorboard-laying turning our house upside down, and playing catch-up with my chores, the last two weeks have been rather intense. I'm very relieved that the house is now relatively back to normal, so I can focus on more important things like kicking arse at work and watching re-runs of 60 Minute Makeover. 

Fantastic literature
A rather tenuous F-word link, but I've been desperate to share this book with you all since the moment I started reading it. 

[image source]

I don't like to summarise the plot in my reviews because I think it ruins the surprise, but the title of "Mr Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore" really doesn't do justice to the wonder that lies within these pages. If you've ever wondered what it's like to work at Google and/or in a tiny bookshop with three-floor-high shelves filled with secrets*, then this is the book for you. I found it as magically captivating as The Night Circus, and both stories have made me wish it was possible to crawl inside the pages and take part in the adventure myself.

I'm overwhelmed with smiley-type feelings to have reached a whopping 99 followers on Bloglovin! Thank you so much to every one of you most excellent people - I'm sending each of you a virtual slice of cake as I type. Please place your orders below (I can even do gluten-free!). 

In case virtual cake isn't celebratory enough, when I hit 100 followers I will hold another giveaway :) 

Katie xxx

P.S. I'm linking up with TWTWC run by the beautiful Hannah who is also getting married this week! Eeek!  

*And, let's be honest, who hasn't?!


  1. Love the gif! If you squint a bit it's like they're actually doing a flapper dance ;)

    I need to read Penumbra, I am going to save it for my holibobs! Glad the floor is down, the house is back to normal and you can get back to being kick ass!

    1. Google made it for me automatically- which was both clever and creepy xxx

  2. Looks like a fabulous hen do!! The new flooring looks fantastic, well done you!!
    Oh, and I'll take a slice of coffee cake, thanks ;)

    1. I'm not sure I can take credit for the floor- we paid someone to do it! Although I worked to pay for them to do it so I guess I helped a bit :p xxx

  3. I'll have a slice of red velvet please. Betty Blythe looks amazing

  4. yay for nice floor! We have sad carpet at the moment- CBC accidently swept an entire glass of red wine off the table- stained the wall and the biscuit-coloured carpet!
    I love the flapper picture- but where are YOU!?!?!?! Photos please!!!!
    I think I might need that book!
    Please blog more often, I do so enjoy the posts!x

    1. Oh no- that's the (only) bad thing about red wine :( I hope you can get it cleaned/repainted without too much hassle!

      I don't have any pictures of me at the moment, but I will share one when I do :)

      You definitely need that book- it's magical. xxx

  5. Your kitchen looks fantastic! Love the floors. And I've added that book to my to-read list.

  6. So much to comment on, so very little time. You didnt ACTUALLY choose between the macaroons right? You ate them all yes? And why the lonely heart? Which soulless so and so left him there to waste away, friendless.
    Awesome flappers, even awesommer (it's a word) photo choice and thanks for the book recommendations, I trust your judgement about 127%.
    Phew, I'll take my slice of lemon drizzle any time you're ready yes?
    M x

    1. I'm shocked/disappointed in myself to say that I DIDN'T eat them all, but only because I'd already eaten a scone and a brownie and some lemon drizzle cake. I wished I'd planned ahead and taken a tupperware for leftovers. That will probably be my biggest deathbed regret.

      It's winging its way through the ether as we speak, like the chocolate bar in the TV room at Mr Wonka's factory. xxx

  7. Argh I just wrote a comment and it didn't post! Stoopid blogger!! Ah well, it said yay for being a flapper (haha double checked that spelling!), food looked yummy, will add book to list of books to buy :)
    Take that idiot google logger comment thingy!!
    Anna xx

    1. Dammit blogger- ruining my comments! Thanks for making the effort to re-write it :) xxx

  8. A flapper themed hen do is perfect! My friend had a flapper themed party for her 30th last years and I loved all the outfits, but I was pregnant at the time and flapper dresses really aren't made for baby bumps! x

    1. Speaking from experience of fitting my dress over a serious Food Baby post-afternoon tea, I can wholeheartedly concur :) xxx

  9. A 1920's themed hen party? That sounds (and looks) utterly awesome! And yep, like Michelle said, I do hope you ate all the macaroons :-)
    I have that book on my 'to read' list, after what you've said about it, I'm going to put it in my next order or reserved books at the library! :-) xxx