17 August 2014

Hi-tops and a new whip

S'up homies!

How are you?

The last few weeks have been rather full on for me, and I've been getting up to all sorts of wonderful things, including: 

Spending cheddar
On a new ride for Tom, because I need a car for my new job. This was justified by Tom citing something about better mileage, but I know he's never liked our snot-green one. Tom's new car is red and sporty (i.e. it has a spoiler) and I've inherited the green one, which I've decided to starting calling The Bogey Van. While not technically accurate, it's the best snot-related pun I could think of. If you've got a better one, please add it in the comments below. 

Lusting after
Kickstarter Kicks - in the form of these incredible Tricera Hi-Tops. If I was ever going to spend more than £20 on a pair of shoes, I reckon these would be the way to go.

Image from Kickstarter

At my friends' wedding - the band was on fire and I was determined to keep throwing shapes for as long as I could. Thanks to the open bar, I have an ominous suspicion that I need to send individual apologies/ funding for therapy to all of the other guests for any underwear-flashing scenarios resulting from my overly-enthusiastic twirling.

Presents for my friend's birthday, and a present for the bride and groom of the aforementioned wedding (which I gave them in advance, but I'm now hoping also works as a post-twirling-event apology). 

The birthday presents' wrapping hinted at the contents, with the comic book cover hiding a comic, and the dinosaur paper containing a necklace from DesignosaurYEAH

A million and one DIY projects which I'm hoping to tackle this week, because Tom and I have taken the whole week off work. Hurrah!

A new jar to keep my coffee in. Crafting is probably stretching it really, as I just wrote on an empty jar with a glass pen.

The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes, and a bit of Enid Blyton - to snigger at the rude bits. 

The Marian Keyes novel was a good mystery, but much darker than I'd anticipated because the protagonist has severe depression. I've been trying to get back into the habit of using my local library, despite the weight difference between a book and my Kindle. I reckon lugging around the extra weight totally balances out the cheesecake.

At a seriously incredible hotel and spa, which I'm going to tell you all about later this week.

Finally, I would just like to thank Urban Dictionary for helping me to compose the most gangsta post I've ever written*, which I'm linking up to Hannah's lovely blog round-up, The Week That Was Captured(#TWTWC).

Katie xxx

* I might have Googled "Hip Hop term for car". Sometimes I'm so trendy it hurts.


  1. The shoes!!! Cool man!!!
    I thought of you today when I saw some random large dinosaur models poking out of a fence in Omis as I rode past on a bus. X

    1. That sounds awesome - our fence is sadly lacking in dinosaurs at the moment. Maybe I'll add that to my list of DIY tasks :p xxx

  2. Is that an apple and blackberry cheesecake from Waitrose I spot? ;) Those shoes are amazing!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    1. It was actually the raspberry and white choc one- I'd highly recommend it :p xxx

  3. Your shapes thrown were ace; worry ye not! Yay for new job car, and for having a week off with Tom! xx

    1. Oh good! Although I've noticed nearly all of the dance floor photos I would have been in are missing :p xxx

  4. Mucus Mobile? Less punny, more graphic but it could work...
    Enid was the filthy queen of innuendo, hand me my copy of the Wishing Chair, stat.
    M x

  5. Haha, loved this post, maybe the Gangster style comes naturally to you ;)

    The shoes are AMAZING - you need to get them. Also I'm glad I'm not the only one that sniggers reading Enid Blyton these days, those books have a WHOLE other meaning now! ha! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. Thanks Lyndsay :p

      Her books are definitely a lot ruder than I remember from my childhood! Haha xxx

  6. Wowsers, those boots are certainly something else! You'd definitely be noticed in them! :-) xx