1 May 2014

Maple Syrup and Unicorns

If I had my own version of the Sound of Music "Favourite Things" song, it would probably go something like this:

Huge tins of Roses and Lego in boxes

Notebooks and cupcakes and cute-as-pie foxes
Personally-labelled unusual teas
Twixes and Starbursts and Hello Kitties!

Ice-cream-shaped rubbers and novelty key-rings,

Cute pocket mirrors and delicious sweet things,
Spiced apple cider and chocolate orange

Which is rather serendipitous, given the contents of the parcel I received from Jen today :)

My initial excitement was quickly dusted with the icing sugar of curiosity when I saw the things Jen had listed for the customs declaration:

Mystery Foam Crafts?! Oh me, oh my!

The second I opened the box my senses were hit with a heady concoction of truly mouthwatering scents. It was how I imagine Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory might smell; sugary goodness with top notes of magic. 

Under the first layer of tissue paper I found five(!) different kinds of tea, including one called Pink Flamingo and one containing actual chunks of chocolate. EEEEEEEEPPPPP! I've already had two cups of the Maple Black Tea, and can confirm it tastes like maple syrup. YUM. 

Maple Black Tea, Spiced Apple Cider Rooibos, Ceylon Breakfast Tea, 
Pink Flamingo Herbal Tea, and Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice Herbal Tea. 
I think I've died and gone to Tea Heaven. 

There was also a card from Jen, two tiny cards, a notebook (with a magnet on the back- genius!), a Hello Kitty keyring, a novelty rubber, and a pretty compact mirror. 

It also revealed that the intriguing "foam crafts" alluded to on the packaging didn't even come close to describing the awesomeness within... 


Just in case a ruddy UNICORN wasn't awesome enough, I then discovered a second layer which was FULL OF SWEETS. 

This is the second parcel swap I've done with Jen and, although I wouldn't have thought it possible, it was even more magical than the first one. Thank you so much, Jen- you're totally amazeballs! 

Katie xxx


  1. I love your re-write of the song! What a great package to receive too.

  2. All those sweets look so yummy! What lovely things you received! :)

  3. Ooooh, how lovely!!!!!! SO how did this lovely swappy thing come about?!?!?! x

    1. Well, the first swap was because I wanted to try some teas which were only available in Canada and the US, so I offered to send Jen some decent chocolate in return. The second one was because the first was so much fun :) xxx

  4. You should release that song you know. X

  5. What a fab package to receive! The foam crafts look ace and I love the little ice cream (I'm guessing that's the rubber?). Plus I agree with Anna - I'd buy the song! :-) xxx

  6. Is Jen available for pimping out (in strictly the gift swapping sense!)?? Best. Gift. Ever.
    And are you available for birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs because your lyrical prowess is second to none!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Yes, and yes. You should definitely get in touch with @SparklegirlJen - she's lovely. I can be contacted through my imaginary agent. She also books me for singing gigs, after she overheard me belting out some sick tunes in the shower. xxx

  7. I'm so excited that the parcel arrived quicker than I had expected! You also spoiled me with your treats! I took pictures as soon as I opened it because I knew the candy wouldn't last long.Thank you again! <3

  8. Oh wow, good box of goodies! Spiced apple rooibos sounds amaaaaazing!