8 April 2014

Three Things Tuesday

Hello lovelies!

How are you?

Here are three things which are currently rockin' my socks:

1. Pimping the washing up.
Fancy glass bottle + oil spout dispenser thingummy = glamorous washing up liquid agogo. Much better than a regular plastic bottle, no?

2. Mystery boxes.
When I came home yesterday I couldn't get into our front porch because it was full of packing boxes and bubble wrap. My first thought was Tom had decided to leave me (fair play to him, really- there's only so much enforced eating of cake a man should have to take!). Tom was quick to take credit upon returning home, and told me he’d bought me a surprise DIY extension kit- the perfect combination of country kitchen and box fort.

Sadly, he was lying (I knew it!). The boxes were actually for our neighbours, who are apparently moving next week. Once they've gone, Tom and I will be the longest-residing inhabitants of our terrace. Which means my master plan of driving people to sell up and move with my enthusiastic shower-warbling (so we can sneakily knock through into the neighbouring houses and live in all four) is totally working. Yes!

3. Sleeping in the savannah
Well, almost - thanks to my awesome birthday presents from Tom.

I love that the tiger one is in the kids' section, but the zebra one is apparently classy enough to be deemed adult bedding.

What's currently floating your boat?

Katie xxx


  1. Gosh, was it 'A hard days night' where the Beatles lived in a terrace that was all knocked through on the inside? I can't remember. It's a great plan though.
    My true love this week is a pair of shoes I found in a charity shop. They're red high heeled Hush Puppies. They sound like granny shoes but they are so beautiful and sooo comfy. I wore them all day today with no blisters. They're so worth the risk of inheriting someone elses fungal toenails and verucas. (Kidding. They were practically new!)

    1. The shoes sound fabulous- I am a big fan of comfy and beautiful.

      It's a good plan in theory, but I wonder how quickly I'd get sick of four times as much vacuuming? xxx

  2. One of the teachers from my old music school did that knocking through thing with the house next door-great idea x

    Love the bedding and the DIY fort extension-mwa ha ha!!!

    I am loving my new dresses I shouldn't have bought in the charity shop, even though CBC told me it looked like a nun on her day off!!! X

    1. Don't nuns on their days off just look like women?

      I really want to build a fort now. I might make one out of blankets instead! xxx

  3. That zebra pillowcase! I think I might need it! xx

  4. I love, love, love the zebra pillowcase! Not sure what the other half would think though - but then again, how could he complain when it's only £3.99!? :-) xxx