31 October 2013

Lion Lamp

If any of you also fell in love with the gorgeous lamp I wrote about earlier in October, I can confirm it's now in the 30% off lighting sale at Laura Ashley!

When I saw the sale sign in the window on my way home today I punched the air like a freeze-frame from The Breakfast Club, then ran in faster than you can say OHMYGODTHEBEAUTIFULLAMPISONSALEGIVEITTOMENOW (and/or sing it like Verruca Salt, I don't care).

Here it is in our living room in all it's endless-filling-possibilities-filled glory. Is that too many fills? 

I may have to start a new series of posts called "Stuff I Have Put In My Lamp". 

Katie xxx


  1. This is amazing! I've needed a new bedside table lamp for the longest time and haven't found the perfect replacement yet... until now. So buying this!


    1. You could even keep things in there you need at night! Like your current book, moisturiser, or your alarm clock! Although it might be a bit of mission turning your alarm off in the morning... :) xxx

  2. Just perfect. And at 30% off? Buy two! Then it's like 60% off. Isn't it? xxx

  3. I JUST saw lamps like these at Target here. They have two designs - one tall and thin and the other shorty and wide. I'm going to watch for them to go on sale so I can pick one up! I just love that you can fill it with anything!