4 May 2013

Artists Open Houses

Morning lovelies :)

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, my bladder* woke me up at the CRACK OF DAWN this morning (is this part of getting old? If so, I'm not sure I want to after all)...

Getting up early has it's perks though- I've dyed my hair and slapped on the last dregs of a really old tube of facepack stuff with bits of raspberry in it (mmmm....) to try and sort out my post-cold skin, and managed to do it without bumping into Tom's friend who's currently staying with us and frightening the life out of him/making him wet himself laughing. I'm nothing if not considerate of other people... 

I was going to take a photo of me mit-dye-und-facepack to share with you all, but then realised you probably wouldn't be able to stomach any breakfast afterwards; and the last thing I want to do is deprive someone of their breakfast!!

Anyway, back to my point, which is: I am very excited today because it's the first day of Brighton's Artists Open Houses event. Artists Open Houses, or AOH as all the cool hipster people call it, is taking place all around Brighton and further afield every weekend from today until the end of May. It gives people the chance to go and have a nose around some excellent houses and stare at nice arty things, and all for my favourite price of free!!

Gerry Wilmer: Brighton Pier at 33 Worcester Villas Hove

I wanted to tell you all about AOH anyway, because I think mooching around looking at great art for free is an awesome way to spend a day, but I specifically wanted to mention it because I'm going to be doing some blogging for them over on tumblr

I'm not Superwoman, despite what you may have heard (rumours I definitely didn't start on my own, about myself, nope) so these next few weeks might be a leeetle bit quieter on here than usual. Sorry! However, my writing style for AOH is going to be exactly the same (I won't be getting all "professional" and reducing my use of exclamation marks, don't you worry!) and lots of the houses sell CAKE. So I'll probably mainly be giving out tips on where to find the best Rice Krispie bars.

Brighton Mix Greeting Card
Martha Mitchell Design: Brighton Mix Greeting Card at
11 Albert Mews, Third Avenue, Hove

I've been assigned to houses in the Hove/Portslade area (which I might have requested so I'd be near to Ethel's Kitchen, *ahem*) so if you fancy meeting up for a cup of tea and a bakewell tart during any weekend in May, please tweet me and let me know!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Katie xxx

* Sorry, is it too early to be talking about bladders? *Googles "etiquette for morning discussion of bladders"*. Oh, sorry, it's 11am, apparently.


  1. Ha ha! I love you all the more for using 'bladder' in your post! My fiance tells me apparently, I get the word bladder into conversation at least once a day!! Oh dear, I lack etiquette too! This sounds amazing! Wish I could come down to see some but May weekends are super busy! Next Saturday alone, I am supposed to be 1) doing a concert 2) going to our monthly swing dance event 3) going to a wedding reception, 4) going to a church weekend away! 5) play in another concert! Oh how sad I can only do 2!!
    Thanks for the award!x

    1. Wow! You are one busy lady! Luckily for me, my weekends usually centre around pottering and cake anyway- but this time I'll be writing about it too. Glad my bladder chatter made you smile, and you're very welcome for the award :) xx

  2. HOW LUCKY ARE YOU?! I might even venture into the depths of tumblr just to hear what you have to say/get the cake low down. I would love to meet for a tea whilst you are around, let me know when is best for you! xx

    1. I'm only volunteering - if any money changes hands it will be me buying beautiful screen prints, no doubt - but it's lovely to have added an extra dynamic to my visits to the houses. I'll tweet you about tea :) xx