19 April 2013

Five Things Friday

The weekend is upon us! Let's all breath a collective sigh of relief. 

Here are five things that have recently been warming my cockles.

1. The Great British Sewing Bee
Every crafty person I follow on twitter has been gushing over this. I was sceptical at first, but I don't really know why now. Admittedly, I'm mostly watching it because I have a big ol' Girl Crush on Claudia Winkleman (who DOESN'T?!) but it's also inspired to get out my sewing machine and whip up something pretty. That something pretty will probably be a pile of cushions and blankets instead of a beautifully made skirt; but it's the stitching that counts, right? 

Any woman that cleans her teeth with a credit card is OK in my book.

Fran's recent post about her favourite online fabric shops couldn't have come at a more opportune moment, albeit a dangerous one- between fabric shopping and Paperchase my bank account is in danger of looking rather sunburnt. I'm hoping I'll be able to bribe our bank manager with a wonkily-stitched cushion, perhaps adorned with "This is better than money. Promise." in alphabet badges...

2. Free (electronic) wallpaper
After the brilliant Oh Deer collective provided me with the inspiration I needed for my Aztec pillowcase, I was having another snoop about on their website and discovered they have FREE downloadable wallpapers for one's electronic gadgety things. My phone is now sporting this gem, and there's plenty of others to choose from too.

3. Growing Up
I'm not usually one for matchy-matchy homewares. My taste is more a mish-mash of eclectic old stuff, with a bit of Lego and sprinkles thrown in for good measure. However, I think I'm finally getting more sophisticated in my decor choices in my old age, and our bathroom is now boasting a matching soap dish for our recently updated toothbrush holder. Ta da!

I love that the soap looks like it's trying to row to freedom. 

4. Granny chic
In the most recent episode of the Great British Sewing Bee, I couldn't stop looking at Ann's fantastically cheery granny square scarf:

I think I need to make this my new crochet project. A woolly scarf may not be the perfect craft to start as we're coming into summer, but at least it'll be a good distraction so I don't do things that are bad for me. Like biting my nails and hoovering. 

5. Fancy knees
Tom bought me some of these awesome Henry Holland star tights for my birthday. I have yet to break them out for fear of instant snags, but I'm sure the perfect starry-thighed opportunity is just round the corner. 

Reverse Star
Sadly, the shapely legs do not come with the tights

Have you found anything fancy recently?

Katie xxx


  1. I too have been admiring Ann'a super scarf. Mind you, I'm currently making so many scarves that I risk spending the summer resembling an Egyptian mummy. LOVE the soap dish. x

    1. I'm sure I read in Vogue that Egyptian Mummy is totally "in" this summer- you're going to look tres chic (if a little sweaty...) x

  2. I am loving TGBSB! And Ann's scarf was awesome! It looked like it had all different sizes of squares - gorgeous! I think I read on twitter it was crocheted using 2ply so I will have to go and get some of that!

    1. Ooh thanks for the tip- I'll definitely be looking out for some 2ply next time I go charity shopping :) xx

  3. I am loving GBSB. I love Claudia, but am gutted Mark went. I applaude a straight man with a sewing kit!

  4. I love those star tights!