11 March 2013

Results of varying success...

This weekend I...

- Used a hammer drill for the very first time. 
Myself, and the wall, remain in one piece (with the exception of the holes, which are by far the prettiest drill holes I've ever seen. Not that I'm biased or anything...). 

We have a proper loo roll holder in the bathroom again, thanks to my drilling; something we've been without since June last year. I'm looking forward to all the money we'll save now we're not employing a butler to hold the loo roll any more*....

- Turned our house into a functional zoo
After my initial drill success, I got a bit drill-happy and hung up a LOT of animal-shaped hooks. 

Our bathroom is now replete with this lovely Triceratops, who I am pleased to report holds my dressing gown with a lot less grumbling than our loo roll butler did**. 

My bookcase has been adorned with a charming yellow duck and incredibly suave bull. Both from Tiger, obviously.

Duck and Cow. Don't you reckon they'd make a brilliant crime-fighting team?

- Turned my hair canary yellow
After Saturday morning's deliberations, I bit the bullet and bleached my hair. It was, to put it politely, ONE BIG GIANT DISASTER. Some bits were ok, but the majority turned a colour I can only really describe as Radioactive Custard. 

THE BLEACH *cue ominous horror-movie music*

I didn't have time to re-do it before visiting the in-laws for Mother's Day (and my face had also gone rather tingly from all the bleach, so I figured slapping on more poisonous goo wasn't the best idea...) so I spent the whole day looking like the fourth member of Hanson. I did manage to resist the urge to break out a bit of Mmm Bop over Sunday lunch, though***. 


Late last night I applied a new dye which I hoped would fix the general Big Bird-ness surrounding my face. No such luck. This morning I awoke still looking like a slightly less pointy-eared version of Legolas, so I had to spend the whole day at work wearing my beanie hat. I do NOT work in a beanie hat kind of office. Thank God for the snow, I say- I spent the day telling everyone how cold I was (and constantly pulling my hat further down over my ears). 

I've currently got dye number 4 working it's way into my follicles, so please keep EVERYTHING crossed for me that this one actually works. Otherwise, I will have to resort to one of two options: 
1. Shave my head.
2. Buy more hats. 


Katie xxx

* Just kidding; we aren't anywhere near fancy enough to employ a loo roll butler. 

** Seriously, I am kidding. 

*** Ok, there's a slight chance that the bleach has leaked into my brain. 


  1. LOL! Sorry. It's got a lovely, er GLOW, hasn't it? The Legolas thing made me laugh. Hope this time's the charm!

    1. Thankfully, it has worked! I am no longer emitting my own light :p xx

  2. Is it wrong that I am laughing lots!!!!??? Poor you! But it doesn't look that bright in the picture! I knew a man that accidently dyed his hair the colour you described- it looked most peculiar!!!
    Loving Mr Triceratops! So much more fun than a plain metal hook (can I get those in Tiger you say? I adore Tiger!!!! Such a temptation going in there! Who'd have thought I needed everything I seem to come out with!x

    1. Not at all- I'm here to make the internet laugh :p And I can laugh about it now that I've managed to fix it too. My ex actually used to dye his hair that colour on purpose. He had better cheekbones than I do though :p

      The triceratops was from Dwell, but the other two are from Tiger and were only £3 each!! They have lots of different colours and also currently have rhinos. I'm tempted to get a turquoise one. xxx

  3. Awww I hope your hair turns out!!

    And I love those animal-shaped hooks!

  4. Hooray for girls with power tools! Your drilling looks exceptional! Glad to hear the hair is looking good! x

  5. I know I'm probs in the minority - but I LOVE that colour! You should've kept it :p I've wanted hair this colour for years: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?start=288&hl=en&rlz=1C1CHAB_enGB474GB474&biw=1517&bih=714&tbm=isch&tbnid=tD8vn43UwXLWBM:&imgrefurl=http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/celebrity-hair/542234/little-mix-star-perrie-edwards-purple-hair-secrets-revealed&docid=6-o2EQ85IdbyFM&imgurl=http://nowmagazine.media.ipcdigital.co.uk/11140/000021179/7a14_orh400w360/Perrie-Edwards.jpg&w=300&h=400&ei=ZS9CUbWjAePE0QWI6oGYBw&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:96,s:200,i:292&iact=rc&dur=1318&page=10&tbnh=166&tbnw=150&ndsp=31&tx=60&ty=65 but my hair has been too fragile for me to risk the initial bleaching :( Still think you should get the orange back anyways! xXxXx

    1. That hair colour is beautiful!! Shame your hair can't cope with the bleach to go lilac- you'd look like a fairy :) The yellow has really split the camp; it's definitely a Marmite hair colour (and was, ironically, the same colour as a Marmite lid). I think I'm *whispers* getting too old and sensible to want weird hair any more. Awful. xxx

  6. Ooops, that link was huge!!!xxx