15 March 2013

Lovely Animals


Yet again, the weekend has come around; it's as if it were inevitable (although it never seems that way on Tuesday does it?! I can't be the one only having the occasional panic on Tuesday afternoons that the weekend might get cancelled). 

Just the fact that it's Friday made me cheery enough that I was practically followed home from work by cartoon bluebirds; but arriving home to this took Friday to a whole new level of amazeballs:

I mentioned recently that I was incredibly flattered to have been asked by Rex London (previously DotComGiftShop) to join their Super Secret Crime Fighting League Blogger Network. Which meant that not only do I get to use the pretty badge you can see in my sidebar to fight crime, but they are also going to be occasionally sending me a parcel of brilliant goodies that I get to have a play with and tell all of you about.

This time, they actually let me pick the things for myself (I know, right?! Luckiest Girl In The World, right here), and as soon as I saw these little guys I knew I needed them in my life. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd been properly living until I had them in my life. 

Aren't they just the cutest?!
As all stationery fans very well know, the possibilities of what you can do with post-its (or "sticky memos" as these are called) are basically limitless. Just check out all this awesome artwork. And that's just with regular sticky memos, let alone ones that look like animals from the zoo!!

Here are a few ideas I've tried out already to use these cutie-pie post its:

1. Mark up all of your favourite recipes in your prettiest recipe books. 

This will not only save you time when making your dinner, thereby increasing the time you will have for stuffing your dinner in your face, but could also be helpful if you wanted to subtly suggest to someone that they should bake you a giant cake for no reason *cough*

2. Keep your place in a book. 

This could be a really sweet way to get kids more involved in their bedtime stories- letting them pick an animal to mark wherever you've read up to that night. Obviously, if you don't have children, you can use it to remind yourself where you're up to in whatever Enid Blyton book you are definitely not reading because you aren't 9 any more.

3. Hide them as surprises

On picture frames, popping out of drawers, or stuck on the window so they're a lovely surprise when someone else draws the curtains in the morning. Plus, it makes a serious political statement about how we're, like, the real animals being observed when we go to the zoo, and stuff. 

You could also buy lots and lots of these and completely cover the entire window to mask the fact you're a slatternly hausfrau who never washes her windows. Filth. 

4. Write little notes

To go in your kid's lunch box as a little surprise (my Mum used to do this when I was little and I genuinely loved it). Or, if you don't have kids, write something sickeningly affectionate like "Love you, Schnookums" on one and stick it in your boyfriend's lunch to embarrass him in front of all his super-manly colleagues. Something I would never, ever contemplate doing. Obviously.  

If you live in a shared house, you could use them to mark anything that has a habit of wandering off... I know, I know; leaving passive aggressive notes for your housemates is, like, the lowest of the low- but if anything's going to soften the blow it's going to be this face:

You could also use them to cover up the hideously offensive information about calories on the front of delicious snacks. "Number of calories per biscuit, you ask? Oh, they're only one adorable crocodile each". Win.  

These Lovely Animal Sticky Memos are every bit as lovely as it says on the bus, and would definitely provide hours of fun for anyone who likes stationery, awesome animals, or embarrassing their boyfriend at work leaving affectionate notes. You could even use them to save your space on the sofa when you go to make a cup of tea- just stick a tiny lion on your seat. Ta-dah!

Katie xxx

P.S. I'm going to tell you about the other lovely things DotComGiftShop sent me very soon, but I need to do some prep first to show them off in their full brilliance. The prep involves eggs and a hammer (not together); so wish me luck! 

This post was very sweetly sponsored by Rex London, but all opinions and ramblings about cartoon bluebirds are 100% my own.


  1. THESE ARE AMAZING! My inner stationery geek is envious! I love dotcom's stuff! Always so tempting! xxx

    1. My stationery geek isn't even inner any more. It's definitely very much out and proud. Perhaps I'll see if there are any stationery parades near Brighton; like a Paperchase version of pride :p xxx

  2. They're so cute. I can't even decide which my favouite would be! x

    1. My favourite is secretly the lion. But don't tell the others! xxx

  3. Ahhhh Katie your posts make me giggle!

  4. oh wow...I want some of these!

  5. Utterly hilarious!!! I especially appreciated the window one! Like when have I EVER washed my windows (seriously!)????
    How cool to be gifted these!!!x

    1. Thank you, as always :) I've washed our patio doors on the outside once since we bought this place (2.5 years ago...). And that was only because a snail had crawled most of the way up the door, and then clearly realised it didn't know how to get down and pooed it's snaily pants in terror. I have no idea how one snail contained so much poo, but it was NOT pretty. xx

  6. hehe I love all of this!