4 February 2013

Blog of the Week Number 5

Hello lovelies!

How was your weekend? I'm sorry this instalment of my new Blog of the Week (BOTW) series is a day later than the others have been (you can see BOTWs 1-4 here)- I've been busy making stock for my shiny new Etsy shop!

This week's BOTW is the lovely Emma Kate, who blogs over at Painted Style. I love Emma Kate because she's just so damn dedicated to her makeovers/upcycling/home remodelling projects. I can't figure out how someone can manage to do so many wonderful things in such a short space of time- every five minutes there seems to be a new awesome project up on her blog for me to drool over. The woman must be a sanding machine!! (Seriously, Emma Kate, what's your secret?! :) ) 

The lovely Emma Kate: seriously handy with a paintbrush and just LOOK at those legs!!

In addition to lots of wonderful furniture makeovers, Emma Kate shares lots of lovely photos of her beautiful work-in-progress home. I *might* have cheered out loud when she announced she finally had a new floor after living with this for FOUR YEARS! Cheering about other people's floors is perfectly normal, OK!

The beautiful large mirror frame was painted by Emma Kate

Emma Kate is also the car-booting QUEEN. I would be jealous, but Emma Kate deserves every wonderful bargain she finds, because she actually gets up early at the weekends. Unlike people who spend their weekend mornings eating bargainous day-old Waitrose pastries whilst flicking through the H&M catalogue *ahem*

You should see the "before" of this gorgeous drawer upcycle. Mind. Blown.

Please do pop over and say hello to the lovely Emma Kate- she's one of the nicest bloggers here in blogland and always takes the time to write really nice comments :)

Katie xxx

P.S. Just LOOK at her kitschy Christmas decoration collection. *swoon*!!


  1. Well that has cheered up a not so great day! I'm bloomin' famous! Thank you ever so! (My secret is that I paint everything in sight and never waste time on housework!)Bless you muchly! x

    1. You're very welcome :) Haha thanks for sharing your secret (although I don't spend any time on housework either so I have no idea what my excuse is! Perhaps because I can't eat cheesecake and sand at the same time? :p) x

  2. Ha ha, I also don't spend any time on housework (when I do outfit shots, there's a huge heap of crap just out of shot!!!)
    Emma Kate sounds brilliant! That drawer unit looks amazing and the mirror! And yes, those legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x

  3. I know, s'not fair is it? I think some bloggers must have access to the tardis or something. Or I am just really lazy and indolent. Hmm.

  4. I love Emma Kates blog because she makes me laugh, - think I might have found another here :)

  5. I really enjoy Emma 's blog and makeovers to just popped over from hers as she mentioned you :-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x